Who is ‘Charles Lee’?

It is the number one candidate for the director.

Reporter Mark Stein of The Stain Line reported on the 7th (Korean time) that Milwaukee Bucks coach Charles Lee has been nominated for the next manager of the Toronto Raptors and Detroit Pistons.

In addition, it is strongly mentioned as the next manager of the Milwaukee Bucks, who recently sacked manager Mike Budenholzer.

Coach Lee is one of the most recognized coaches in the NBA. As a player, he never played in the NBA. Born in 1984, he applied for the 2006 NBA draft but failed, and after spending four years as a player in an overseas league, he began his career as a coach.

He started his leadership career at Bucknell University in 2012 and met the gift of life in 2014. Former Milwaukee coach Budenholzer recognized his talent when he took over as Atlanta manager. He joined the Atlanta Hawks’ coaching staff in 2014 at the request of manager Budenholzer. 토스카지노

He stayed in Atlanta for four years and led the team’s growth. After that, he moved the team to the Milwaukee Bucks from 2018 following the transfer of manager Budenholzer. In 2021 he led the team to a championship.

11 years of leadership experience. It can’t be said to be very long, but he is already recognized for his tremendous ability. He is active as an Associate Head Coach, which means a coach with power comparable to that of a manager, and is deeply trusted by Yannis Adetokounmpo and Zhuru Halladay.

He is the leader everyone is looking for in teams with vacant manager positions. He doesn’t know which team he will be coaching, but it seems certain that his managerial debut is not far away.

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