‘Tour putt’, a pure domestic technology, is very popular at the PGA product show

The state-of-the-art putting training system ‘Tour Put’, which was first introduced at the world’s largest golf exhibition ‘PGA Show’ by Brotin Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Chan-gi), a putting simulator company, received a great response from golf officials around the world.

The PGA Show is an event hosted by the Professional Golf Association of America (PGA) since 1954, and is the largest golf business event in the world. At this goods show, Tourput received love calls from about 600 companies in about 20 countries, including the US, Canada, UK and Sweden.

Brotin set up a ‘tour put circle’ at the venue to provide showgoers with an opportunity to experience it for themselves. Unlike other putting practice systems that simply project projectiles related to putting on the green, Tour Putt has been praised by many golf officials for being able to conduct scientific and systematic training by measuring individual putting and presenting it as data.

Tourputt Circle is a state-of-the-art putting simulator that can analyze the user’s putting tendency on a 5m x 5m green with a 3% gradient, and is a representative product of Tourputt.

In the ‘Pattern Test’, which received the best response from the audience, you can check the results of the starting direction of the golf ball, distance sense, breaking line, and success rate by distance after performing randomly presented putts in a total of 36 locations, and train accordingly. This is a unique feature of TourPut that allows you to set goals.

Visitors can project visual training elements on the putting green to provide intuitive and efficient training with the ‘Custom Training Mode’ function, and the ‘Tour Putt Drill’ that allows them to practice the three major elements of putting, directionality, distance, and green leading ability, as easily and happily as a game. (Drill)’ function showed great interest.

Tour Putt is a putting simulator developed purely with domestic technology. It was created in collaboration with coach Choi Jong-hwan, who is known as the putting coach for world-class professional golfers such as Lee Jeong-eun 6 and Kim A-rim, and Brotin. 메이저놀이터

At this PGA Show, coach Choi Jong-hwan held a seminar on tour putt at the tour putt booth, and it is rumored that many golf coaches and industry officials gathered.

Brotin CEO Kim Chan-ki said, “I am very happy to show the tour putt that I have prepared with great care and attention for a long time at the 2023 PGA Show and to receive a great response. I expect it to be,” he said.

Meanwhile, Brotin is selecting a partner to advance into the overseas market for the ‘Tour Putt Circle’ launched at this PGA show. He is also planning overseas releases of follow-up products such as Tour Putt Box and Tour Putt Ground.

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