‘Thousands of Gold’ Lee Kang-hyeon, “I thought I would regret it if Do-hyeok gave it to me”

Incheon ‘local boy’ Lee Kang-hyun scored his dream debut goal. A bold decision could lead to a wonder goal.

Incheon United won 1-0 against Jeju United in the 30th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2022 held at Jeju World Cup Stadium at 7:00 pm on the 6th. With this, Incheon secured 4th place with 12 wins, 11 draws and 7 losses (47 points). 온라인바카라

Incheon had a change in the starting lineup. Lee Myung-joo, who played in all matches this season and was in charge of midfield, was not called up for the Jeju expedition due to a minor injury, and Lee Kang-hyun took his place. Lee Kang-hyun played 15 K-League games, going back and forth between starting and replacing before the match against Jeju.

It was a big success that perfectly filled the void left by Lee Myung-joo. Until the 35th minute of the second half, based on his vigorous activity, he faithfully participated in his karate defense. In particular, on this day, Incheon was losing its share to Jeju completely, but the midfield combination of Lee Kang-hyun and Aguilar served as the driving force to not give up a goal until the end.

Then, Lee Kang-hyun’s mid-range gun was born. In the 7th minute of the second half, Kim Bo-seop broke down the left side and gave a pass to Lee Kang-hyun, who rushed to the front of the penalty arc. Afterwards, Lee Kang-Hyun decided to try a mid-range shot that broke the net. This was the winning goal, and we were able to get 3 points from the enemy.

Lee Kang-hyun is the ‘K-League Cinderella’. His first start was announced at the Busan Transportation Corporation soccer team in the K3 League. Then, he caught the eye of Incheon after a year, and he will wear the Incheon uniform in 2021. It was a significant opportunity for him. It is because his birthplace is Incheon, and he dreamed of joining Incheon since he was young.

At first, he couldn’t shine much because he was overshadowed by Yoo Dong-gyu, the former K4 League scorer and ‘Korean version of Jamie Vardy’, but he walked his own path in silence and waited and waited.

Lee Kang-hyun made good use of the opportunity that came to him. In the match against Seongnam FC in the 11th round last season, he made a surprise starter and contributed to the team’s 3-1 victory with a stable appearance. After that, he played 16 matches in the K-League 1 in his debut season while occupying a spot. Is it the fruit of hard work? Lee Kang-hyun agreed to a three-year contract extension after the season ended, allowing him to represent Incheon until 2024.

Lee Kang-hyun, who had been silently waiting for a call this season, even scored a glorious debut goal in the match against Jeju. ‘Inter Football’ listened to more details through a phone interview with Lee Kang-hyun.

Q. You won a 6-point match against Jeju. Please tell me how you feel.

A. “It was a very important match for us to reach our goal of advancing to the Final A and ACL. I can help the team, and I’m really happy that the team won with my debut goal. I was lucky enough to score a goal. It was a better day than anyone else.”

Q. Did you get the feeling that you would go in when shooting in the scoring scene?

A. “To be honest, I didn’t feel like that because I didn’t score many goals. (Laughs) I just looked at the goal post and hit it. I’m so happy that the shot represented the effort I prepared. But I thought he would regret it if I gave him something. So I made up my mind and hit him, but I was lucky enough to go in and I was happy.”

Q. Did you usually practice shooting? Or were you confident in mid-range shooting from the beginning?

A. “I personally do a lot of passing training rather than mid-range shooting. Yesterday, I guess what kind of luck followed. I went in because the shooting matched well.”

Q. Player Lee Myung-joo was unable to participate due to an injury, and he played well there.

A. “I think that if there is a player in the spotlight on a team, there must also be a player who needs to remain silent behind them. I think I am in that position. I was waiting for him to come in. Thankfully, the director recognized me and gave me a chance.

Q. Did the coach or coaches praise you?

A. “Rather than saying it personally, I think when we hugged after the game, it was two to three times more sincere than usual. Maybe I was the only one who felt that way because I was in a good mood. (Laughs) He said congratulations to me.”

“(Among teammates, who was the player you congratulated the most?) The only friend on the team is (Kim) Bo-seop. If Bo-seop was originally the same, he would have shot from the spot and passed it to me. (Laughs) He gave the assist. “

Q. Yesterday, player Kim Do-hyeok left a post on social media (“Kanghyun is crying and complaining about not being able to interview. Kanghyun, who took the life shot, please interview us”).

A. “Actually, I was looking forward to the interview with Suhun yesterday. (Laughs) There are so many people I’m grateful for, so I wanted to express my gratitude. Also, to be honest, I wanted to say thank you to my parents because they were wondering when I could score a goal. After it was over, Do-hyeok jokingly said to hyung, ‘Oh, hyung, I couldn’t interview you,’ and Do-hyeok jokingly left a message saying he would help.”

“(Who are the people I am grateful for?) I wanted to say thank you to my parents. Since childhood, my father, mother and older brother have supported me a lot while playing soccer. , How much more could you have wanted to score a goal. Thank you so much for giving me this gift and I want to say I love you.”

“(Did you talk on the phone?) My father said that he had goosebumps and really congratulated me. We don’t usually exchange friendly words. He said a lot of nice things to him yesterday because he boasted about scoring a goal.”

Q. Fans have visited many expeditions all the way to Jeju. After the game, Lee Kang-Hyun held a victory ceremony as a representative.

A. “It was my first time alone. It’s actually awkward to be in the spotlight. Usually, when we win a game, we’re all together, but suddenly Dohyuk-hyung sent me forward.

Q. This is your second year in the K-League. From the K3 League to the K League 1, I got to score my debut goal.

A. “I was in the K3 League, but the coach and the club gave me a chance to join the K League 1. I was able to make my debut last year as I prepared for it. Thankfully, I was able to renew my contract after playing the game. I love it and I am grateful to be able to play for the team I have dreamed of since I was a child.”

“I am working hard because I am a player with only things left to grow. I was able to become a stronger team and player. Thank you so much I can’t express it in words. I also want to say thank you to the coaches and coaches who gave me the opportunity.”

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