The difference ‘transfer student’ Choi Jun-yong has made to KCC

Choi Jun-yong (29, 200 cm) has changed the tone of KCC.

Choi joined KCC as a free agent in May and chose to join Jeonju. With the addition of Choi, KCC formed a national team lineup of Heo Woong, Choi Jun-yong, Song Kyo-chang, Lee Seung-hyun, and Ragan-ah. Choi missed a lot of time last season due to injury, but he has already shown that he can handle the ball, develop fast breaks, and play good defense. It will take time for the team to find their rhythm, but the addition of Choi has made KCC one of the favorites to win the title. 온라인바카라

In addition to his performance, there are many other changes that Choi has brought to KCC. During his signing press conference, Choi asked head coach Jeon Chang-jin about cross-country, to which the latter replied, “It’s gone this year.” When KCC went on a training camp in Taebaek from July to early August, the team practiced cross intervals, which are somewhat less intense than cross country.

Recently, KCC has been warming up before practice matches and training sessions with loud music to get them in the mood. This is also something that has never happened before. It’s one of the changes since Choi’s arrival.

Heo Wong (30, 185 cm) said of Choi: “He’s changed a lot of things, both in his personal life and in the team atmosphere. Starting with playing music so loudly before games and training, he has changed a lot of things.”

It’s hard to make a before-and-after comparison because Choi doesn’t know the atmosphere before he arrived. However, he often hears from people around him that the atmosphere has changed a lot thanks to him.

“I just listened to the songs because I wanted to hear them,” he said. Actually, I don’t know what’s changed. It’s my first time too. But people talk about it a lot. I don’t think it’s because I came, but I know that the coach has vowed to change a lot since this season. It may seem like I changed things, but I think he was trying to change the atmosphere of the team and I was just helping a little bit from the side,” he said, giving credit to coach Jeon Chang-jin.

Choi continued, “I have a good relationship with the coach. Not only with me, but also with the other players. We all get along well with him and are close. I’ve even played golf with him once.”

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