Surprising spectators mobilized despite the WBC disaster, I hated it, but I was hungry for baseball

I hated it, but was it because I was hungry for baseball? 

On the 18th, a large number of spectators came to enjoy baseball at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, where an exhibition game between the KIA Tigers and the Doosan Bears was held.

This day was the first demonstration game held at KIA’s home stadium. On weekends, even though admission is paid, many spectators flocked to the baseball field before the game. KIA did not open outfield seats and general seats on the 5th floor, so spectators naturally flocked to the first and third base infield seats.

Table seats behind the back net and KIA’s home third base were full of spectators. The fans cheered and cheered enthusiastically under the leadership of the cheerleader. It was like a regular season game. 

On this day, 4,173 people came to Gwangju. More spectators came to Daegu, Busan and Daejeon. 

In the Daegu game where KT and Samsung collided, the largest number of 7,131 people entered and enjoyed spring baseball. The Busan game between LG and Lotte had 5018 people, and the Daejeon game between Kiwoom and Hanwha had 5078 people. SSG and NC’s Changwon match had 2615 people. 

A total of 24,015 spectators visited the five stadiums. Even though the shock of being eliminated in the first round of the WBC still remains, I could feel the thirst for baseball.  안전놀이터

The national team had a disappointing performance in matches against Australia and Japan. He also conceded a goal against the Czech Republic and the defense was not clean. Criticism poured in when he was eliminated in the first round of three consecutive competitions.

Of course, it also raised concerns about the popularity of baseball. It was the first weekend and the sunny weather was a big factor, but it was a valuable cheer for the players. 

MBC Sports Plus commentator Jeong Min-cheol, who was in charge of commentating the Gwangju match, showed solemnity, saying, “I was worried that not many spectators came to the demonstration game (weekdays) with the WBC sluggishness, but many came. Rather, I feel more self-reflection as a baseball player.” . 

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