Slowly prepare for automatic S…Freaky Machado, first exit for violating pitch clock

Manny Machado (31) became the first player to be ejected for violating the pitch clock rule.

Machado started as the designated hitter in the 2023 Major League Baseball match against the Arizona Diamondbacks held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 5th (Korean time). 

However, Machado’s game and plate appearance on this day ended in one inning. Machado was playing a full-count match with Arizona starter Jack Gallen in a situation where there were no runners out in the first inning. However, just before the sixth ball, Machado was not ready at the plate with eight seconds left on the pitch clock. Referee Ron Coolpa awarded Machado an automatic strike. Machado struck out and retired. However, Machado immediately protested and was sent off after arguing with the referee Coolpa. 

On screen, Machado was about to call a timeout with eight seconds remaining on the pitch clock. However, the batter should have been ready in the at-bat, but Machado judged that he had violated this. The MLB Secretariat said that Machado’s automatic strike declaration was not a problem, saying, “The referee Coolpa made an accurate decision.” 온라인바카라

This makes Machado the first player in MLB history to be ejected this season for a newly established pitch clock violation. The MLB Secretariat has warned clubs that “a complaint involving a pitch clock will be treated the same as challenging a strike decision.” Anyone who protests can be ejected,’ he explained.

This is the pitch clock introduced by the major leagues this year to shorten game time. The pitcher must receive and throw the ball within 15 seconds when there are no runners and 20 seconds when there are runners. At this time, the batter must signal that he is ready at bat before eight seconds remain. If this is violated, the pitcher is automatically awarded a ball and the batter is awarded a strike. 

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman became the first player to violate the pitch clock in the opening game against the Milwaukee Brewers on the 31st of last month, but was not ejected.

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