SH Sports Agency (CEO Moon Seong-hwan), which presents soccer marketing and various soccer development programs at home and abroad, and the Korea Philfoot Association (Chairman Kim Chang-won) have signed a strategic business agreement.
Through the agreement, SH Sports Agency agreed to host and supervise youth soccer festivals and cultural and sports festival planning, and Korea Feelfoot Association to support various soccer events. In particular, through various programs of football-type new sports feelfoot developed by the Korea Feelfoot Association, it was decided to pursue diversification of soccer services by expanding the base of Korean soccer events and 토토사이트 promoting the soccer industry.

In the meantime, SH Sports Agency not only devoted its heart and soul to the development of Korean soccer and the establishment of youth soccer infrastructure, but also carried out active marketing through signing MOUs with advanced countries in soccer abroad. Recently, under the slogan of ‘Everyone has the right to enjoy one soccer ball’, it has hosted, supervised, planned and operated national youth soccer club festivals and underprivileged soccer festivals.

The Korea Philfoot Association is distributing feelfoot to school sports, daily life sports, women’s sports, and sports for the disabled, and this year, following last year, the 2on2 National Philfoot Competition and the National Philfoot Festival will be held, and new girls, disabled, and multicultural Philfoot competitions will be established. to be. In addition, under the slogan of ‘K-Sports Philfoot, Hallyu sports enjoyed by people all over the world’, overseas Philfoot associations will be established and international competitions will be promoted.

Moon Seong-hwan, CEO of SH Sports Agency, said, “The two companies will work together to expand the base of soccer and develop and operate soccer event programs to build various event culture and infrastructure in the soccer industry.” Kim Chang-won, president of the Philfoot Association, also said, “We will contribute to the expansion of the soccer base and the development of the soccer industry through the know-how of developing new sports and the know-how of various events such as the Pillar Challenge and Pillar Hall.”