Seongnam FC, 2023 Gyeonggi-do Sports Festival Torch Relay…Mascot Gao ‘Popular!’

Seongnam FC attended the torch relay event and promoted the club at the ’69th Gyeonggi-do Sports Festival 2023 Seongnam’ held at Seongnam Sports Complex in Seongnam City on the 11th.

In Seongnam FC, coach Lee Ki-hyung and Shim Dong-woon took part in the torch relay, starting with Haedun Jeong in boxing and Hana Oh in fencing, Chun-ae Lim, member of the Korea Association of Athletics Federations, coach Lee Ki-hyung and Dong-woon Shim in Seongnam FC, and short track gold medalist Choi Min-jeong, the final runner, carrying the torch. has ignited

In addition, on the same day, Seongnam FC executives and employees promoted the upcoming home game to many Seongnam citizens and fans at the publicity booth in Seongnam Sports Complex, where the Gyeonggi-do Sports Festival and the Paralympic Sports Festival were held on the 27th and 11th, and encouraged voting for the club mascot, Kao, in the general election. did.

At the site, Seongnam FC mascot Kao and many Seongnam citizens who wanted to take pictures were together, and it was concluded with a promise to visit the home game against FC Anyang held at Tancheon Sports Complex on the 27th.

Seongnam FC head coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “I am delighted to have been invited to this meaningful event. Even though it was a weekday, many Seongnam citizens came and applauded. Congratulations on the success of the Gyeonggi Provincial Sports Festival, and this invitation is a great way to support and encourage the team to lead better. I will do 스포츠토토 my best with the team even in the games that I think of as “.”

The Seongnam FC Marketing Communication Team said, “It was a good opportunity to promote Seongnam FC in front of many Seongnam citizens and sportsmen in Gyeonggi-do. All members of the club will work harder to achieve the goal of 5,000 average spectators.”

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