Reggie Perry replaces Asem Marey. What are Perry’s strengths seen by LG players?

How did LG players view Reggie Perry (203cm, F)?

Changwon LG confirmed their advance to the semi-final playoffs on March 29 at the Changwon Indoor Gymnasium. Achievements achieved in 9 years since the 2013-2014 season.

However, LG’s expression was not bright. This is because Asem Marey (202cm, C), a foreign player with LG’s 1st option, withdrew due to a left calf injury in the second quarter. He was examined at several hospitals, but required a six-week treatment period. season out.

LG urgently sought alternative resources for Marey. Marey’s alternate resource is Reggie Perry. Perry played two seasons in the NBA and played a big role in the 2022-2023 NBA G League with an average of 20.7 points, 6.8 rebounds and 3.1 assists in 24 games.

If Marey is a big man who specializes in defense and rebounding, Perry is a player whose strength is scoring. He has a wide range of offense to try for 3 points. He is a player with his own strengths.

Dante Cunningham (203cm, F), who should help Perry, said, “He is a very talented player. He also has strength, skill and long shooting range. He is a player who can help the team,” he supported Perry.

Jeong Hee-jae (196cm, F), who has a high chance of playing on the court with Perry, said, “We have to see what kind of performance he performs in actual matches, but he is a player with strong points. He definitely has good size and power, and he can go outside.” He was cautious in his tone, but gave high weight to Perry’s strengths. 온라인카지노

Another domestic big man, Kim Jun-il (200cm, C), said, “It’s only been 3-4 days since we trained together, and Perry’s physical condition is not perfect. However, he seems to be a player who has the ability to score. Surprisingly, the power is also good. He thinks that when Cunningham is resting, he’ll hold up. I’m looking forward to it,” he said, looking forward to Perry’s capabilities.

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