‘Qatar disaster fallout?” German soccer has no wind at its back…outgoing national team coach Hammarskjöld faces crisis after crisis

It’s no longer a breeze in German soccer.

The recent A-match week has seen a growing sense of crisis, including the departure of the national team’s coach, ahead of friendlies against Japan (10th) and France (13th).

안전놀이터 The Daily Mail, a British media outlet, commented on the current state of the German axis on Aug. 8 (KST), saying, “It’s no wonder Germany was knocked out of the group stage by Japan at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

This is because German soccer has not improved since the so-called ‘Qatar humiliation’. The German national team’s coach, Hanji Flick, seemed to be on a roll after the World Cup when he received a two-year contract extension.

However, since then, the team has played five A matches, winning only against Peru in March. Defeats against Belgium, Poland, and Colombia, and a draw against Ukraine have been embarrassing.

In the midst of this, Flick’s frustration with the team’s lack of support was evident, with the coach claiming that there was “no support” for the team.

This has sparked speculation about Flick’s departure. Bild, a leading German newspaper, reported that “Flick’s successor is being sought” and that “former Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann and former Frankfurt coach Oliver Glassner are being considered for the job.

Furthermore, the A-League match will be played on Germany’s home turf, so if the team fails to deliver a satisfactory result, the speculation about Flick’s future will accelerate, according to local media.

To make matters worse, German soccer’s “god” Jamal Moussaoui (20-Bayern Munich) has been ruled out of the squad due to injury.

‘This is just a preview of the uneasy situation that German soccer is currently in,’ said local media.

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