Players can only be registered after chairman’s guarantee Barcelona to perform ‘salary cap acrobatics’ again this summer

Barcelona’s top brass, including president Juan Laporta, will have to vouch for the club again this year.

Spanish outlet RAC1 analyzed that Barcelona is barely in compliance with La Liga’s own salary cap rules, making it difficult to sign new players this summer. Barcelona extended the contracts of both Ronald Araujo and Gabi until 2026. Their registration is not a problem under the existing salary cap.

However, the club has also re-signed goalkeeper Iñaki Peña, wing-back Marcos Alonso, multiplayer Sergi Roberto, and promising wing-back Alejandro Valdez. Fulfilling all of these contracts could put them over the salary cap and make it difficult to register.

The outlet believes that Barcelona will have to go through a bank guarantee after last year. Barcelona had the funds to sign players last summer but were unable to do so due to spending over the salary cap. In particular, defender Jules Kunde was unable to register for two games after the start of the 2022-2023 season and was only able to make his first roster appearance in the third round. The method used to register Kunde was a guarantee. President Laporta and Finance Director Ferran Olive gave personal guarantees. It looks like we will have to use this method again this summer. 먹튀검증

After signing Robert Lewandowski, Hafinha, Kunde, Alonso, Franck Kessie, Andreas Christensen, and others last year in the midst of a financial crisis, Barcelona will be hard-pressed to find star players this summer. They’ll need to sell their current squad for a good price in order to bring in big names. Still, there are some positions where reinforcements are essential. Especially at right back, where Kunde, who has been a starter, wants to play center back. However, you’ll have to settle for cheaper options, such as Feyenoord’s promising defender Lucharal Gaertruida.

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