Phoenix, Why I Caught Wainwright, Not Rose or Anthony

The Phoenix Suns have finished recruiting players.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Phoenix has signed Ish Wainwright (forward, 196cm, 113kg).

Phoenix was expected to bring in another player from outside prior to signing Wainwright. Phoenix, which began a tremendous reinforcement by bringing in Kevin Durant, later strengthened its perimeter power by bringing in Terrence Ross, who had terminated his contract with the Orlando Magic.

As there were still spots left, it was expected that he would sign another player in the transfer market. This is because the contract termination deadline is still until the 2nd (Korean time). Locally, Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony were also named as candidates for recruitment. It was because if one of those with experience came in, he could fill in his own skills and experience.

However, Phoenix finally completed the composition of the squad through internal promotion rather than external recruitment after much thought. I decided to catch Wainwright, who was tied up in a two-way deal. Although the power of the outside is supplemented, Phoenix decided to fill the outside shooting and inside defense while deciding to join him as a combo forward. As long as the position arrangement was sufficient, it was because an inside defender was needed. As a result, Wainwright was dropped.

Phoenix already has Durant, Toray Craig and TJ Warren. Warren and Ross are expected to step out as swingmen depending on the situation, and Craig is expected to come in and out intermittently. If you want to add weight from the inside, including defense, it is assumed that wainwright will be put in intermittently. This created the conditions to utilize multiple players according to the changing circumstances.

There were a lot of things I had to endure to catch Rose and Anthony. First of all, Rose was not free from injuries. Phoenix already has Chris Paul, with Cameron Payne at the back. Except for them, there is no clear point guard, but there is room to use Landry Shamet, a backup guard. We also have Josh Okogi and Damien Lee, so the backcourt is in order. 바카라

Anthony has not played this season. He had a twilight last season with the Los Angeles Lakers, but failed to attract a new contract last offseason. He still had the remaining outside shot, but there was little to be expected from other parts other than this. Phoenix’s frontcourt already has a variety of powers, so it needed more defenders than shooters.

In the end, it seems that Phoenix has captured Wainwright through a practical one-year contract with a team option. It is understood that Wainwright, who can utilize the existing power, was chosen as the change in power during the season was rather severe in trade and external recruitment. It should be said that the part that can play a role in the inner defense based on strength more than anyone else could not be overlooked.

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