National Sports Promotion Corporation, Announces New KSPO Vision in Commemoration of 34th Anniversary

The National Sports Promotion Corporation (Chairman Cho Hyun-jae, hereinafter referred to as the Corporation) announced on the 24th that it had held an event to announce a new vision containing its role and will as a representative organization in the sports world in celebration of its 34th anniversary.

The vision declaration was made at the 34th anniversary event of the foundation held at the Olympic Parktel on April 21st.

The new vision of the corporation is ‘K-SPORTS leading organization responsible for the growth of sports welfare and sports industry’. It aims to improve the quality of people’s lives by establishing a sports participation environment where all citizens can enjoy sports freely, and to nurture the sports industry as a future growth engine for the nation through multilateral support to strengthen the competitiveness of sports companies. is an expression of the will of the employees of the corporation.

In order to establish a new vision, the corporation was selected through various procedures such as collecting opinions from employees and citizens and workshops since last January, and is expected to serve as a milestone for the corporation in the future. 카지노사이트

In addition, a new ‘promotional slogan’ was announced to explain the role of the corporation more easily to the public and approach it in a friendly way.

The corporation said, “The slogan is ‘strong, solid, strong’, which means that we will ‘strongly’ take responsibility for the body and mind of the people, ‘solidly’ the sports industry, and ‘strongly’ Korea’s sports finance.” It contains the role and will of the corporation, which plays a pivotal role in sports,” he explained.

Chairman Cho Hyun-jae said, “The new vision of the corporation is meaningful as it was prepared through communication with various stakeholders, including executives and employees and the public.” In response, we will do our best so that the corporation can become a leading K-sports organization.”

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