‘Missed Man City’ Kim Min-jae takes entire Asia tour off…”I can’t train properly, debut early”

After being ruled out of the Manchester City game, could Kim Min-jae make his Bayern Munich debut during the rest of the club’s Asia tour?

The Bavarians will host City in a preseason friendly on Sept. 26 at 7:30 p.m. at Tokyo National Stadium. The match between the “monster defender” Kim Min-jae, who moved to Munich this summer, and City’s “monster striker” Elling Holland was highly anticipated, but the match was canceled due to Kim’s expected absence.

Munich coach Thomas Tuchel said at a press conference after arriving in Tokyo, Japan, on Aug. 25 (KST) that Kim will not be available for the game.

When asked about the newcomers, Tuchel said, “We are happy with the new players. The new players have made a good impression, but unfortunately Rafael Guerreiro is injured. We all know what kind of player Konrad Reimer is,” he said, first mentioning the other players.

“He hasn’t been able to train with us much yet. I’m sure he will help us. Tomorrow’s game is still early, so he probably won’t play,” he said, confirming that Kim will be on the bench against City.

Despite Kim’s absence, Tuchel did not hide his delight at signing Kim: “His development has already spoken for itself, he has stepped up at every club. We tried our best to convince him to come to Munich, and I’m glad he chose us. We hope he will settle in quickly and continue to develop with us,” Tuchel said, referring once again to Kim Min-jae’s arrival in Munich.

Despite the news of Tuchel’s decision to withdraw Kim, the player has been featured prominently on Munich’s official website and social media accounts during the Asian tour.

On the 23rd, Munich released the list of players on the Asia Tour roster on its official website, and Kim’s face was the only one in the main photo, proving that he was one of the key players on the Asia Tour.

Munich also released a noir-inspired poster for the upcoming Japan tour. The poster features Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich, and Serge Gnabry in suits, with Kim once again making his presence felt. He was also featured in videos and photos of the team as they traveled to catch their flight to Japan.

In a video posted by Munich’s official social media accounts of the team getting off the plane after arriving in Japan, Kim was one of the first to be seen, and in a photo of the team meeting fans in front of their hotel in Tokyo, Kim’s surprised expression was captured.

While the attention may be due to the fact that he is the only Asian player currently on the roster, it also shows that Munich has high hopes for him and considers him a key part of the team.

After arriving at his hotel in Japan, Kim took part in an open training session with his teammates, even though he won’t be playing against Man City on the 26th.

The delay in Kim’s debut is likely due to the aftermath of his basic military training, which he completed from March 15 to March 6. He hasn’t played for nearly two months since playing an away match against Bologna in late May for Italian Serie A side Napoli. In addition, he hasn’t been able to train properly for the new season due to his military training, so he is only now getting back to normal training.

After the military training, he had a medical test in South Korea, took a break, and then took a long flight to Munich, where he is slowly getting back into shape, and is now on a 12-hour flight to Tokyo. For Tuchel, who called Kim a “dream player,” it’s natural to want to spare him. In a recent interview, Kim said, “I marched 30 kilometers in military training. I lost four kilograms of weight,” he said in a recent interview, adding that his priority is to get his body back to normal.

However, it is still unclear at what point he will be able to play. German outlet Sport1 reported, “Kim Min-jae’s debut has been postponed. The new Munich signing will have to wait a little longer to make his debut,” reported Sport1.

In an interview after training, Kim said, “I hope I can play, but it’s better not to push myself too hard right now. I’m trying to improve my condition quickly and build up my stamina,” he said, revealing that he’s trying to improve his physical condition first before pushing himself too hard. 먹튀검증

Munich will face Kawasaki Frontale at the same venue on the 29th, three days after the match against City. Given Tuchel’s and Kim’s comments, it seems unlikely that Kim will be available for the Kawasaki match.

The Liverpool game in Singapore on August 2 will likely determine whether Kim will make his debut. There is about a week to go before the match. That’s enough time for Kim to get up to speed with his teammates, as he’s been training normally.

If he is rested until the Liverpool game, he will only have one more game to play before the season starts on the 13th against Leipzig, against AS Monaco. With the expectation in Germany that Kim Min-jae will be the starting center back, it’s likely that the club will look to get him as much game time as possible before the season starts.

As mentioned earlier, Kim has been featured prominently in the promotion for the Asian tour, so it’s likely that he’ll be available for the final game against Liverpool.

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