Messi completes Saudi transfer agreement…’Meho War’ will be held again

Lionel Messi (36, Paris Saint-Germain) will follow Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr) to the stage in Saudi Arabia. 

AFP reported on the 9th (Korean time), “According to sources, Messi’s transfer to Saudi Arabia has been ‘completed’. He will play in Saudi Arabia next season. The scale of the contract is huge.”

According to the media, an official who requested anonymity said, “Messi’s transfer to Saudi Arabia is a ‘dawn deal’. It is a special contract. Now, only a few details remain to be finalized.”

PSG also seems to be actually acknowledging the transfer. In response to AFP’s question, the PSG side, where Messi currently works, briefly said that he was under contract with the club until June 30. A PSG source said, “If the club wanted to re-sign Messi, it would have been done sooner.”

Messi is trying to finish his accompany with PSG. Previously, he was booed by fans to leave the team, and last week, he also caused controversy when he missed training to work as a Saudi tourism ambassador.

At first, Messi seemed to be heading to his home team, FC Barcelona. Barcelona also officially announced that they wanted to return to Messi, and the rumors grew bigger. It is known that Barcelona coach Xabi Hernandez, who played with him, also sent him a love call. Although financial problems got in the way, I wondered if a reunion between Messi and Barcelona would happen. 토토사이트

But in the end, Messi’s choice was the Middle East stage. The exact team name has not yet been revealed, but Al-Hilal, who has been linked to Messi before, is the leading destination. Recently, Spain’s ‘El Chiringito’ also reported that Messi would sign a two-year contract with Al-Hilal, and that he would receive 260 million pounds a year (approximately 435.4 billion won).

If Messi joins Al-Hilal as it is, he will reunite with Ronaldo, who is playing for Al Nasr. Will the so-called ‘Meho War’, which has not been seen for a while, unfold on the Saudi stage?

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