‘Korea’s 17th EPL leaguer’ Kim Ji-Soo did it too…’1km in 3 minutes’ Brentford-style hell training

Kim Ji-Soo, who just joined Brentford, has to endure a training regimen that would make even the most established Premier League (EPL) players cringe.

On Sept. 9 (KST), the UK’s Sports Bible expressed its surprise at the Brentford-style hell that is practiced under head coach Thomas Frank. “Every year, under Frank’s guidance, Brentford players take part in a one-kilometer test. It’s been described as ‘the most dreaded day of pre-season’ and it’s easy to see why.”

먹튀검증 The method of the hell is surprisingly simple. It involves running a total of one kilometer in a straight line. A kilometer is 10 times the length of a typical soccer field. The idea is to see if the athlete can run the kilometer in under three minutes while maintaining their top speed. The purpose is to test the athlete”s aerobic capacity.

Brentford released a short video and a series of photos of the one-kilometer test through its official channels on Monday. The players jumped from pole to pole set up by the coaches to see how many minutes they could cover the one-kilometer distance. Kim Ji-Soo also participated in the training that day. Kim Ji-Soo was also featured in the training photos.

The training video shows that the athletes laid down on the field as soon as the test was over. Some of the players looked dehydrated, as if they didn’t even have the strength to drink water. The truth is that even soccer players, whose stamina is important, have a hard time running a kilometer. They often run at full speed during matches, but rarely for more than 100 meters.

“I don’t know who won this year, but in 2021, Maz Widstrup set a record of 2 minutes and 59 seconds,” explained Sports Illustrated. Even for players who play in the EPL, running a mile in under three minutes is very difficult.

“It’s 10 pitches long,” says Brentford coach Matt Bremol of the 1km test. “If you can get under three minutes and 15 seconds, that’s good, but we’ve had a couple of guys come in under that,” he said.

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