Kim Seo-hyun finally gets a start… He’ll start against KT on the 10th, and why Choi Won-ho filmed this game.

Kim Seo-hyun (19, Hanwha), one of the best hard-throwing pitchers in the KBO, is finally making his starting debut. The team chose the game against KT on Tuesday for a reason.

Hanwha removed Jang Min-jae from the first team roster ahead of the game against KIA at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on May 5. After an adjustment period in the second team for a while, Jang Min-jae has struggled in his first two games back. He gave up five runs (four earned) in two innings against SSG on July 29, and another four runs (three earned) in 3⅓ innings against KIA on July 4.

Jang Min-jae has been strong against SSG and KIA in his career, so Hanwha tried to bring him back and utilize him at this point in the SSG-KIA series. However, it didn’t work out, and he was sent back down to the second team for an adjustment period.

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho said, “Still, against a strong team, we had too high a hit rate. Even if you get a hit, it’s important that it’s a hard hit. In the second inning, all of my hits were fastballs, so I changed the pattern a bit from the third inning, but I think I need time to think about the ball mix again.” “It was bad last game, it was bad this time, and it was especially bad against a team that was stronger than us,” he said.

Kim Seo-hyun, who joined Hanwha as the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s rookie draft as a special rookie, made 18 appearances out of the bullpen this year. He made a splash with his fastball, which reached nearly 160 kilometers per hour, but was increasingly analyzed, and after posting a 5.60 ERA in 18 games, he was sent down to the second team on June 8.

In the second team, Seohyun Kim worked his way through the starting rotation and gradually increased his pitch count. The idea was to get him ready to start. Choi has consistently stated that if there is a gap in the first team rotation, he will call up the best player from the second team, and Kim is currently the first choice of the second team coaching staff.

Choi said, “First of all, in terms of starting Futures, the reports say that Kim Seo-hyun is the best. Seohyun is the best, followed by Nam Ji-min and Kim Ki-jung. Then we try to pick the best one,” he said, explaining the principle.

토토사이트 The first reason is that it’s Jang Min-jae’s spot. The second reason is that KT might be a little better than the other teams. This is not to dismiss KT, but to take into account the characteristics of Kim Seo-hyun, a sidearm pitcher.

“KT has a lot of right-handed hitters and center fielders. Alford, Park Byung-ho, and Hwang Jae-gyun are all right-handed hitters.” “They are all good hitters, but I thought it would be better to have the center fielder start in the right-handed lineup rather than the left-handed lineup, so that’s when I put Seohyun in.” Kim’s batting average this season is higher against right-handers (.286) than left-handers (.222), but it’s also a general psychological factor.

Meanwhile, Hanwha will have center fielder Chae Eun-sung in the lineup as the designated hitter today after missing Game 4 due to a slight hamstring issue. Kim Tae-yeon will move to right field and Noh Si-hwan will play third base. Oh Seon-jin will start at first base.

Hanwha’s starting lineup is Jung Eun-won (second base), Kim Tae-yeon (right field), Noh Si-hwan (third base), Chae Eun-sung (designated hitter), Moon Hyun-bin (center field), Williams (left field), Oh Sun-jin (first base), Lee Do-yoon (shortstop), and Park Sang-un (catcher). Han Seung-hyuk is the starter.

Choi said of Han Seung-hyuk, “He’s a very stubborn pitcher. Anyway, his pitches in the strike zone have improved. His control has improved from when he pitched for KIA, but he’s not good at mixing pitches,” Choi said, adding, “In the case of Seung-hyuk, his curveball is better than I thought. He is a player who averages in the late 140s, so he can pitch much more competitively if he utilizes his curve, but the ratio is low. He has a good ball, but he gets hit a lot. Now that he’s over 30, it’s time for him to open his eyes to management,” he said.

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