Kim Ji-soo, who said, “My goal is to become a center back for Manchester United,” to the EPL?… Received an official offer from Brentford

Kim Ji-soo, who wanted a European stage, is about to go to the English Premier League (EPL).

A football official said on the 15th, “Brentford sent an official letter to recruit Kim Ji-soo.” Brentford succeeded in promotion to the first division in 74 years ahead of last season and came to the EPL. The team is small and there are few star players, but under coach Thomas Frank’s clear tactical system, it has created a sensation by running an unexpected upward trend. This season, it has been cruising without a 2nd year jinx and is putting its name in the top 10.

Brentford is more likely to bring in promising players from all over the world, develop them, and then use them in the first team rather than bring in big stars due to team circumstances. The reason for trying to recruit Kim Ji-soo seems to be in the same context. Kim Ji-soo came out of Poongsaeng High School as a center back in 2004 and came to his professional stage last season by signing a semi-professional contract for the first time with Seongnam FC. He has high potential and is considered to be physically good compared to his age, but few thought he would play professionally right away.

Contrary to expectations, Kim Ji-soo played 19 games last season. This was the result of the situation in Seongnam, where recruits such as Kwon Wan-kyu and Kim Min-hyuk suffered from injuries. He performed beyond expectations. He surprised everyone with his excellent defense against his seniors. There were many evaluations that Kim Min-jae came to mind because of his good ball handling skills and passing ability, as well as his physical and defensive power. He became more famous when he was selected for a friendly match against Tottenham Hotspur.

Prior to this season, he was connected with European teams such as Bayern Munich. He was convened to the under-20 (U-20) national team led by coach Kim Eun-joong, and took part in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-20 World Cup, revealing competitiveness on the international stage. Brentford stepped forward to sign Kim Ji-soo, who went to Argentina after being on the final list of the FIFA U-20 World Cup, and negotiations are underway.

Kim Ji-soo’s nickname is the second Kim Min-jae. Like Kim Min-jae, who received an opportunity and shined since childhood at Jeonbuk Hyundai, Kim Ji-soo is also shining brightly. Kim Min-jae left Jeonbuk and grew up playing for Beijing Guoan and Fenerbahce, and became the main center back for the Korean national team. 안전놀이터 When he goes to Naples, he has developed into one of the best centre-backs in the world and is receiving a lot of attention. He is likely to move to a big club this summer.

Attention is focusing on whether Kim Ji-soo will follow the same train. In a phone interview with ‘Interfootball’ on March 20, Kim Ji-soo said, “The interest of European teams is something that touches the heart. I don’t feel like I’m doing well right now. I don’t want to get excited. ” said

Regarding being called the “second Kim Min-jae,” he said, “Kim Min-jae is really, really good.

He said, “Because Kim Min-jae is good, it seems that Europe also thinks, ‘Korean center backs are also good.’ I want to show you,” he said.

His favorite club was Manchester United. “I want to be a center back for Manchester United. I tend to set my goals high. So, even if I can’t achieve that high goal, I think I can go right below it,” he said.

Kim Ji-soo, who has big dreams, is now on the verge of advancing to the European stage. Although not a mega club like Manchester United, Brentford has a good environment for Kim Ji-soo to grow. A lot of cheering messages are already pouring in to Kim Ji-soo, who has taken on the challenge to go to a higher place.

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