“I’ve been waiting for that for 5 years…” 25-year-old ‘Bira”s frustration with the Korean Dream and a new start

“In Korea? I couldn’t do it when I first came. I came and learned.”

The face of Bayarsaihan (25), who stood in front of the reporters, was full of smiles. However, as soon as the painful memories of ‘failed naturalization’ came to mind, bitterness passed by.

Bayarsaihan is called the ‘Mongolian Express’. His primary position is a middle blocker, but he can also be an outside hitter. He has great elasticity and power. He is a strong candidate for the first place in the men’s volleyball Asia Quarter Draft, which was held for the first time at Jeju Halla Gymnasium on the 25th and 27th.

Skill is also a skill, but fluent Korean is the biggest advantage. There is no barrier to understanding and answering to the extent that there are almost no questions asked during the interview. During the six years spent in Korea, it was evident that he made a fierce effort not only to play volleyball, but also to integrate into Korean society. He smiled and said, “You can call me ‘Bira’ when I said, ‘It’s difficult to name.”

There is a deep frustration behind it. It was January 2017 when Bayarsaihan came to Korea with his friend Eddie (24). It was because of his passion for volleyball.

After transferring to Suncheon Jeil High School, Bayar Saihan entered Inha University and Eddy entered Sungkyunkwan University to gain full-fledged Korean volleyball experience. He also made ceaseless efforts to obtain level 3 or higher in the Korean Proficiency Test, which is the qualification for university entrance. According to the nationality law at the time, he could qualify for the naturalization test if he stayed in Korea for 5 years. After his naturalization, his goal was to participate in the V-League rookie draft.

But in the meantime, nationality law regulations have changed. When applying for naturalization, ‘Proof of Income’ has been added to the documents to be submitted. It became necessary to prove the amount of income equal to or greater than the gross national income (GNI) per capita for the previous year for 5 years, and proof of ownership of financial assets or real estate worth 60 million won or more. It was a thunderbolt from the blue sky for the two young Mongolians. 스포츠토토

“Last year, the coach said, ‘I can’t participate in the draft.’ no see.”

He participated in the tryout with the support of Kim Woong-bi (Army Sports Corps), Shin Ho-jin (OK Financial Group), who he played with at Inha University, and Park Ji-hoon (Korean Air), a friend from high school. Knowing Bayarsaihan’s skills and personality, they encouraged each other by saying, “Come to our team.”

When asked, “Do you take care of the V-League?”, he laughed and said, “I watch it every day!” Among V-League players, Shin Young-seok (KEPCO) and Choi Min-ho (Hyundai Capital) are role models.

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