“It’s ridiculous at 3pm” Tokyo Dome is full, Japanese fan culture surprised by Italy

“I went in at 3:00 pm…the audience was full.”

Italy’s No. 1 batsman, Sal Fleuric, who played in the quarterfinals against Japan at the Tokyo Dome on the 16th, was surprised by the Japanese fan culture, which is different from that of Taiwan. He said that it was memorable that there were many fans who came to the baseball field four hours before the start of the game, and that they applauded themselves, both the away team and the opposing team.

Italy lost 3-9 to Japan in the quarterfinals held on the 16th and failed to challenge for the semifinals. It was a successful tournament just to reach the quarterfinals. Excluding a few major leaguers such as David Fletcher (Angels), the team was mostly made up of minor league players, so it was considered a dark horse, but it was not enough to guarantee the quarterfinals.

However, as all 5 teams in Group A went 2 wins and 2 losses, Italy was able to advance to the quarterfinals with 2nd place in the group, overtaking the Netherlands.

The Italian players, who experienced the fervor of cheering in Taiwan, experienced a fresh fan culture with a different meaning in Japan. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a local Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Flerrick, a minor leaguer affiliated with Milwaukee, described his experiences in Japan this way. 토토사이트

“It was ridiculous. We went into the ballpark at 3:00 pm to practice batting and the stands were full. The fans applauded us too. They really loved baseball,” he said.

Regarding Ohtani, who came out as a starting pitcher in Japan and scored 4 hits and 2 runs in 4⅔innings, he said, “It was amazing. He is one of the best players in the world. Even before entering the baseball field, everyone was restless. I saw.

Flerick said, “It’s difficult to hit a ball like this from spring. It’s even more difficult in the tension of having to win. Still, this kind of experience can’t be done in the spring camp demonstration game,” he said, saying that the WBC has become a great experience. Flerick joined the Italian team after going 4-for-10 in exhibition games this year with Milwaukee. He goes back to camp in Milwaukee after finishing the WBC.

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