It’s okay even if Kim Ha-seong can’t be traded… No ML shift, let’s be recognized as second baseman

“San Diego is likely to need Glove First Kim Ha-seong, who provides flexibility at second base in the 2023 season.”

Rumors about Kim Ha-seong’s (San Diego Padres) trade are pouring in every day. On the 21st (hereinafter Korean time), the Miami Marlins, classified as Kim Ha-sung’s potential destination, traded with the Minnesota Twins, not San Diego.

There were many prospects that Miami would try to recruit Kim Ha-seong by selling Pablo Lopez. It’s true that San Diego needs to 카지노사이트 reinforce the back of the starting lineup. However, Miami took American League batting champion Luis Araez instead of Kim Ha-sung.

If Kim Ha-seong wants to succeed as a shortstop in the major leagues, it’s not a bad thing to go to the Boston Red Sox, the most talked about team. In any case, it is true that the center infield is open, and in a situation where the defensive power is recognized as a Gold Glove level, it is true that the starting shortstop is expected to enter without blood.

However, if Kim Ha-seong remains in San Diego, he can increase his value enough as a second baseman. On the 21st (hereinafter Korean time), Yahoo Sports mentioned the major league’s shift ban and the possibility of a change in the role of second basemen. Starting this season, Major League Baseball strictly prohibits infielders from moving out of position. It is a calculation to induce more balls in play by limiting excessive shift. It is part of the measures taken by the Major League Secretariat as the popularity of the Major League continues to decline.

The most common shift in modern baseball is for the second baseman to go to the right outfield in preparation for a left-handed hitter’s pull. Conversely, the second baseman may stay close to second base and assist the shortstop. When the shift is limited, the second baseman’s raw athleticism comes into play.

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