‘It was worth spending 130.6 billion won!’ Japan’s hit hitter, ML outfielder predicted 14th place by US statistics site

It was predicted that Masataka Yoshida (30) of the Boston Red Sox would have an outstanding big league debut season.

Boston local media NESN said on the 13th (Korean time), “The prospect that Rafael Devers will be Boston’s best player in 2023 is not surprising. But who the second best player will be is a matter of debate. The analysis of the fan graph, a baseball statistics site, provides a surprising prospect,” he said, introducing Yoshida’s expected performance this season.

Yoshida is a heavy hitter with a batting average of 302.7 (884 hits in 2703 at-bats), 133 homers, 467 RBIs, and an OPS of .960 in 762 Japanese professional baseball games. This year, he led the Orix championship by playing an active role in 119 games with a 바카라 batting average of 3.3 0.5 Lee (138 hits in 412 bats), 21 homers, 88 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.008. His strength is his sophisticated batting ability and pioneering vision. After the season, he announced his advance to the major leagues and signed a five-year, $90 million (approximately 112 billion won) contract with Boston. Immediately after his contract, there were many opinions in the local media that it was overpay.

Fangraphs is one of the best-known baseball statistics sites. According to Steamer, a performance prediction program provided by Fan Graph, Yoshida is expected to record a batting average of .298 (146 hits in 490 bats), 19 homers, 62 RBIs, and an OPS of .867 in 123 games this season. He plays as a major league player, and he has no shortage of results. Depending on the situation, it is worth aiming for the All-Star selection as well as the American League Rookie Award.

NESN said, “Devers was expected to record a WAR (contribution to victory over substitute) 4.5. Next is Yoshida (3.8). These predictions are really good reviews. Only 13 major league outfielders are expected to have a higher WAR than Yoshida.”

NESN, who asked, “Are your expectations of Yoshida too high?” replied, “Maybe so. It’s my first season in the United States and it seems a bit overkill to be grouped with top players. However, Boston paid about 15 million dollars (approximately 18.6 billion won) in posting fees to Orix, Yoshida’s original team, and gave Yoshida 90 million dollars. Yoshida is a wild card worth 150 million dollars (approximately 130.6 billion won). If he gets the leadoff spot as expected and performs in line with FanGraph’s predictions, Boston’s bet will be worth it.”

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