‘Injury to the main lineup’ Samsung Life Insurance, ‘reversal story’ desired by Lee Myung-gwan

Will Myeong-kwan Lee, the ‘Godfather LeBron’, be able to seize the opportunity given to him?

Lee Myung-gwan participated in the 2022-23 Shinhan Bank Sol women’s professional basketball Cheongju KB Stars match at Yongin Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th, and played 30 minutes and 2 seconds with 14 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, including 3 3-point shots.

Samsung Life fought hard with Lee Myeong-gwan, Kang Yoo-rim (17 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists), Lee Hae-ran (17 points, 7 rebounds), and Shin Iseul (16 points, 7 assists), but lost to Cheongju KB Stars 75-79. With the defeat on the day, it recorded 11 wins and 9 losses with 4 consecutive losses, and sat down one step to 3rd place, half a game behind Busan BNK Some, and was chased by 0.5 game by 4th place Incheon Shinhan Bank.

It was a game where three key players (Yun Ye-bin, Lee Ju-yeon, and Kiana Smith) were absent due to a knee injury, and Bae Hye-yoon, who was informed of the absence due to a knee injury, was missing. did.

After the game, coach Lim Geun-bae also said, “The players did everything 100%. You did a good job. Of course, the missing part in the middle came out. But aside from that part, he did really well.” Then, he said, “I didn’t lose one-side in the rebound battle. 스포츠토토 I had a strong will to grab the rebound. He even commented on the game, saying, “Thank you for helping me.”

Let’s look back at Lee Myung-gwan.

As mentioned in the first line, Myeong-kwan Lee led the promotion of Dankook University as an all-around player like NBA superstar LeBron James. He earned the nickname ‘Women’s LeBron’. He enhanced his presence by being involved in game reading, scoring, and rebounding.

As a result, I enjoyed the joy of entering the pro as a college graduate, and it made me expect that I could create a success story as a college player. In the 2019-20 WKBL Rookie Draft, he wore the uniform of Yongin Samsung Life Insurance with the 18th overall pick (3rd round 3rd pick).  

Lee Myung-gwan, who played an average of 10 minutes and 44 seconds in his debut season, left 3.8 points and 14 rebounds. It was his debut season. Last season he ran 15:26. His scoring average was 5.57 and his rebounding average was 1.26.

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