“I’m happy to be back with my hometown team,” says Lotte 2R rookie Lee Dae-ho on why he dreamed of becoming a baseball player.

Songwon University ace Jung Hyun-soo (22), a second-round pick of the Lotte Giants, expressed his gratitude for the great Lee Dae-ho and his love for his hometown team.

Jeong was selected by Lotte with the 13th overall pick in the second round of the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft held at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul on April 14. Considered one of the best left-handed pitchers in college, Jung went 4-2 with a 2.09 ERA in 11 games (42⅔ innings) this year.

After playing at Busan High School and Songwon University, Jung said, “I’m back in my hometown after four years away. It’s a new feeling. I was a hitter at Busan High School, but I was very discouraged because I didn’t receive a professional designation, so I worked really hard for four years and finally came to my hometown team Lotte, so it feels really good.” He expressed his feelings on the designation.

“I used to go to Sajik Stadium a lot when I was younger,” he said, “and I still remember wearing an orange bongdae at Sajik Stadium when I was a kid. I started playing baseball after seeing Lee Dae-ho. I can’t wait to take the mound at Sajik Stadium where Lee Dae-ho played,” he said, expressing his affection for Lotte.

Jung Hyun-soo recently gained popularity by appearing on the TV baseball entertainment program “Choi Kang Baseball. On the show, he got the chance to play baseball with Lee Dae-ho, whom he has admired since childhood. “When I was younger, I didn’t have the chance to meet him in person because he was so famous,” says Jung Hyun-soo. “I met him for the first time while filming ‘Strongest Baseball’ this year, and his aura was so cool. It was a really strange experience,” he laughed.

Jung Hyun-soo, who received a lot of advice from Lee Dae-ho, said, “He told me a lot of things like the mindset and attitude towards baseball in the future. He told me that I should be straight from the time I play catch, and that my attitude and behavior towards baseball are really important. He gives a lot of advice even after the cameras are off. He told me that it’s not the end of the story and that it’s important to do well as a professional,” Lee said. 바카라사이트

Jung Hyun-soo chose Kim Won-joong as his favorite pitcher to meet at Lotte, saying, “Kim Won-joong went to Gwangju Dongseong High School and worked out with a professor at my school. I’ve heard a lot of stories about him, and I’ve seen him on TV as a closer, so I really want to be like him, and he’s so cool.” He looked forward to meeting Kim Won-joong.

Jung Hyun-soo, who said he can’t wait to meet fans on the mound at Sajik Stadium, said, “I still can’t believe I was selected by Lotte. I’m dumbfounded. It means a lot to me to be on the mound for my hometown team. When I go to Sajik Stadium, there will be a lot of fans. I’ve been dreaming of such a scene since I was a kid, so I think I’ll be more focused. I want to work hard and become a good pitcher for the Lotte Giants,” he said, vowing to make his first-team debut.

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