“I like the feeling of grip” ‘K-certified ball’ that even foreign players fall in love with… ‘Honey tip’ passed on to Gu Chang-mo

“It’s good because it has a sticky feeling.”, “I liked the grip.”

New foreign pitchers in NC, who pitched for the first time, quickly completed their adaptation to the official ball in the KBO League. Unlike the balls used in the U.S., the KBO league official ball has a slight viscosity on the surface, and the players seem to have liked the feeling of sticking to their hands.

NC completed training on the 3rd day of the first turn of spring camp on the 3rd (Korean time). Prior to the break, Taylor Widener and Eric Peddy made their first relief pitches. According to an official from the NC club, Widener threw 25 pitches and Pedy threw 26 pitches. As it was the beginning of the camp, it was not a full-on pitch, and he raised his condition with 80% of his strength. The highest fastball speed was Widener at 141 km per hour and Pedi at 143 km.

As players who have moved leagues, the main focus in the first pitch was adaptation to the official ball. It was the first official ball in the KBO league, but fortunately both players didn’t seem too awkward. Peddy said, “I like the KBO official ball because it is not slippery and has a sticky feel.

Widener also said, “The goal of pitching today was pitching on the mound and adapting to the KBO official ball. The KBO official ball has a viscosity, so it felt good to grip when pitching.”

Conversely, Gu Chang-mo, who needs to get used to the US official ball before participating in the WBC, approached Peddy and Widener first to ask for advice. 메이저놀이터 Chang-mo Koo asked about the WBC official ball, which is the same as the Major League ball, and the two foreign players kindly told him how to use the WBC official ball, which has a low seam height and a slippery surface.

NC replaced foreign batters along with two foreign pitchers. Martin is trying to adapt to the team. It seems that I liked the atmosphere of NC. Martin said, “The team atmosphere is very good, and all of my colleagues and staff are kind. I look forward to living in Korea.”

After successfully completing the first turn training, NC takes a downstream break on the 4th and starts the second turn again on the 5th.

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