‘Hey, look straight!’ Archen hooligans mistakenly attack cheering team bus

Even hooligans without common sense shouldn’t have at least differentiated between friends and enemies. Argentinian hooligans attacked the team they supported.

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported on the 8th (Korean time), “Hooligans supporting Argentine Tigres mistook a bus ahead of the match against Sao Paulo, Brazil and attacked the cheering team.”

Riots by hooligans are commonplace in football around the world. However, hooligans who attack the team they support cannot be allowed. But something happened that he shouldn’t have.

The protagonist of the absurd anecdote is CA Tigre, belonging to the Argentine Primera Division. Founded in 1905, Tigre has been making steady progress since 2007, when it came to the first division.

Tigre, who finished 7th in the 2022 season, will have a home match against Brazil’s Sao Paulo in the group stage of the Copa Sudermerica, which can be seen as South America’s Europa League.

The problem was that hooligans attacked when the bus with the Tigres team arrived at their home stadium, Estadio Jose Deyahiobana, for a match. 스포츠토토

The Sun explained, “The Tigres supporters threw rocks and glass bottles at the bus as it arrived. The problem was that the bus was a Tigres team bus.”

Tigres midfielder Agustín Cardozo criticized the hooligans on his social media, saying, “You idiots, you guys can’t even tell the difference” while posting stones and broken windows in the bus.

The match ended in a 0-2 defeat for Tigres. Tigres gave up the second half right after halftime as players from both teams fought and the police suppressed it.

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