Heo Young-chul on the poor performance: “I feel hopeless”

Nongshim Red Force lost 0-2 to T1 in the second round of the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer 2023 at the LCK Arena Gran Seoul in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Thursday. In this match, Nongshim played a difficult game. In the first set, they couldn’t stop Zeus’ top lane rumble and lost, and in the second set, they collapsed from the laning phase and lost in vain. In a post-match interview, coach Heo Young-cheol talked about the match and his plans for the next match.

▶Nongshim Red Force Head Coach Heo Young-cheol

“In the case of today’s game, I was more frustrated than I thought. It wasn’t just that we lost the game, it was that we didn’t know where to start fixing things for next week with this kind of performance. The performance was not good enough, so I had a lot of despairing thoughts while watching the game.

To start with the first game, I chose a valuable combination in the second half. The plan and move to see Annie during the second dragon timing was good, but I lacked combat sense, even though I was able to kill her without resistance in a situation with a large number of people. Apart from that, I was also disappointed that my opponent chose to fight with his back to the wall even though he was rumble. Afterwards, there was a big accident on Red’s side, and somehow I overinvested even though Vai had no blink and his Q skill was missing. This naturally led to the rumble ultimate angle. As a result, in the first game, I had good drawings, but I lacked determination and I couldn’t fight. 메이저놀이터

In game two, I tried to switch to a banefic and play the cards I had prepared with a little more initiative. Strangely enough, my lane game didn’t work well in scrim, but it did in the tournament. But then the next day, when we scrimmage, it’s great. It seems like in competitions, players don’t play the line of scrimmage as much. I think you have to look at it a little bit more closely, but there are so many mistakes. The bottom was giving away kills with ridiculous mistakes, and then we didn’t have a line that was in control, and the game was just too hard. So the second set was a lot of running around. It was not easy to watch that match.

My right opponent, Trundle Top, had been preparing since spring. He’s a champion who sees AD jungle coming out of his opponent’s jungle, and reports that he can hold his own in a 2v2 fight. The situation itself was fine. However, after a long time, I realized that the player didn’t know the composition very well. In this composition, any time he exchanges bows, he loses. He’s a team player, and Trundle needs to take the initiative in the top lane and trade bows to draw his opponent’s turn. These compositions should have come naturally to me, but as a rookie, I didn’t think of them because I hadn’t practiced them, so naturally I felt like the game was already getting harder.

Regarding the lineup, I feel that after losing one set, I usually have accidents in the lineup of the next set. Even today, the first set was okay in a way because it was a power battle and an object battle, but in the second set, the game was lost in less than five or ten minutes. I think the mental part is definitely playing a role in the momentum situation, and I’ve been talking to myself to try to break it down, but it’s not working out yet. I’m working on that a little bit more.”

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