“Globalization of ‘Fadon’” by the WBC American coach who rejected the ‘unwritten rule’

At the World Cup, a global football festival, the goal ceremony of the players is also a hot topic. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo, who played as a signboard of the Portuguese national team, has a proprietary patent for the so-called ‘heavy ceremony’, in which he jumps up vigorously, spins, and spreads both arms.

In baseball, there are many restrictions on ‘ceremony’ without knowing it. This is because there is an ‘unwritten rule’ that if you perform an excessive ceremony, you will be ‘retaliated’ by the opponent. However, recently, the controversial ceremony is in the mood to be released.

It can be seen that the U.S. national team participating in the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC), which is held for the globalization of baseball, is trying to take the lead in destroying unwritten rules. According to NBC Sports of the United States on the 9th, infielder Tim Anderson (30, Chicago White Sox), who has joined the U.S. national team, is preparing for a powerful ‘bat flips’ in this tournament.

‘Fadon’ is a ceremony in which a bat is thrown coolly after a home run, and is often the subject of retaliation in the major leagues. Amidst the unwritten rule controversy, Anderson is a player who has become a hot topic for being ‘fast’. On April 18, 2019, against the Kansas City Royals, after hitting a two-run home run and screaming and throwing a bat, he was hit hard in the butt with a ‘fastball shot’ in the next at-bat, which caused the ground to be a mess with bench clearing it also became

In this tournament, Anderson received a ‘fast special’. Reporter Ken Rosenthal, who wrote the article, said, “US national team coach Mark DeRosa told Anderson that he needed to try ‘Fast Dawn’ on the big stage, the WBC, and Anderson was happy to put the coach’s suggestion into practice.” 원벳원 토토

The reason why the head coach of the U.S. national team, where winning should be the priority, is interested in home run celebrations is because of the idea that more things to see are needed for the globalization of baseball. Anderson said of Yii, “We’re having fun playing ball. We have to do something more so the world can be excited to see it.”

With the US national team entering the competition starting with the game against England on the 12th, will Anderson have a chance to perform the ‘Fast Ceremony’ he prepared ambitiously for this tournament? Anderson played in 123 games in 2021 and hit 17 homers, but last year he only played in 79 games due to injury and only hit 6 homers. He has 97 home runs in his seven-year major league career.

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