‘Friendships on the rocks’…”They’ll never look at you”

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Jun-seo Hwang, the “biggest lefty in baseball,” was the first overall pick in the KBO draft. Jun-seo Hwang and four other Jang Chung-go pitchers were drafted within the first 11 picks, and they’ve already declared that they won’t look back.
Hanjun Kim is a reporter.

▶ Interview: Son Hyuk / Hanwha Eagles Manager

  • “The Hanwha Eagles are pitcher Hwang Jun-seo from Jangchung High School.”

The first overall pick in the KBO rookie draft went to Hwang Jun-seo of Jangchung High School.

Throwing up to 150 kilometers with his left hand, Hwang has been considered a top prospect since his sophomore year of high school.

▶ Interview: Hwang Jun-seo / Hanwha Eagles Pitcher

  • “I was nervous because I didn’t know until the end (if I would be the No. 1 overall pick), but I think the moment I heard it, I relaxed a lot.”

Incheon High’s Kim Taek-yeon, considered one of the best right-handed pitchers in high school, donned a Doosan uniform with the second overall pick.

Kim Hwi-geon, a right-handed pitcher from Whimun High School selected at No. 5 overall, revealed that he is from Changwon and is an NC fan, and said he is committed to the team. 먹튀검증

▶ Interview: Kim Hwi-gun / NC Dinos Pitcher

  • “I grew up watching the NC Dinos and dreamed of becoming a baseball player. I will give my right arm for the NC Dinos.”

In this year’s draft, four of the top 11 picks, including the first and second rounds, were Jang Chung-go pitchers, and the rivalry is already evident.

Interview: Kim Yoon-ha / Kiwoom Heroes Pitcher

  • “In high school, we were close and had good motivation, but since it’s a rivalry, I won’t let it go and will do my best against them.”

Whimungo outfielder Lee Seung-min, the son of LG legend Lee Byung-kyu, the Samsung coach, was named to SSG, not LG.

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