Olivier Giroud’s participation in the final is uncertain due to a knee injury.

France and Argentina are scheduled to play the final of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar at 0:00 am (Korean time) on the 19th at Lusail Stadium in Aldayen, Qatar.  

Ahead of the match, bad news happened in France. French media ‘le10sport’ reported, “Since the start of the World Cup, Giroud has touched his knee several times as if feeling uncomfortable. Due to such repeated pain, he may be excluded from the final match against Argentina.”

Coach Didier Deschamps is also known to be struggling with whether or not to select Giroud. It is known that the training was conducted by assuming a situation in which Jirou was excluded. French media ‘L’Equipe’ explained on the 18th, “Coach Didier Deschamps conducted training to place Marcus Thuram in the attack, not Giroud, as in the second half of the match against Morocco in the last training session.” In other words, it means that Thuram was placed in the left wing forward and Kylian Mbappe was placed in the front line for training.

If Giroud is sidelined due to injury, the weight of France’s offense will inevitably decrease. Giroud is the only 안전놀이터 striker in the front line as Karim Benzema dropped out due to an injury. Giroud led the team all the way to the finals with such a big success that I wondered if the second heyday had come.

Giroud also scored multiple goals in the opening game against Poland (Round of 16) and England (Quarterfinals), and is ranked second on the team in scoring. He is a striker who breathes vitality into the team by not only scoring but also linking, penetrating, and pressing forward. 

If Giroud is out with a knee injury, he has three options. First is the operation of Antoine Griezmann’s Pulse Nine. Griezmann also has experience playing the role of ‘fake number 9’ for his club, Atlético Madrid. However, if Griezmann is placed in the forefront, the disadvantage of thinning France’s midfield may occur. 

The second option is to deploy Randall Colo Muani up front. Kolo Muani is a striker who got his World Cup chance after Christopher Nkunku was out with an injury. However, it is doubtful that he will be able to play an active role against the Argentine defense because he is still inexperienced.

The last option is Thuram’s left wing forward. If Thuram starts, there is a high possibility that Mbappe will naturally be in the forefront. However, Mbappe is more threatening on the side than the front line, so it is Deschamps who has to take this loss. Kingsley Comang can also be deployed on the side, so there is a possibility of a sortie considering the condition of the day.