‘First win’ Song Myeong-ki, “I’m happy to achieve the goal of the four-ball match”

“It feels good to have achieved the goal of a four-ball match”. 

NC Song Myeong-gi succeeded in hunting for the first win of the season. 

On the 4th, the first appearance of the season, against Doosan in Jamsil, he threw well with no runs in 5⅔ innings, but giving up 6 pitches was a mistake. Is that why? Ahead of the match against Kiwoom in Changwon on the 9th, the goal was to play Musa Dune. 

Song Myeong-ki, who was on the starting mound, showed off a good pitching (visa) with 6 hits, 4 strikeouts and 1 run in 6⅓ innings. He came down the mound with one out and first base in the seventh inning with a 5–1 lead. Then, Kim Yeong-gyu (⅔ innings), Lim Jeong-ho, and Lee Yong-chan (more than one inning) teamed up to score no runs.

NC defeated Kiwoom 6-1 and won three consecutive victories. Song Myeong-ki, who achieved his first victory of the season, said, “I feel good because I achieved the goal of the game without four balls. I will continue to pitch aggressively. Today, I was able to solve the game well as I became a two-seam player.” 

He did not forget to express his gratitude to Po Soo-jin. Song Myeong-ki said, “I also like working with Park Se-hyuk. I would like to express my gratitude to the team’s catchers, including Park Se-hyuk and Ahn Joong-yeol. I am proud that my pitching today helped the team maintain a good atmosphere.” 

On the other hand, coach Kang In-kwon praised the pitching staff, saying, “From starter Myeong-ki Song to finisher Yong-chan Lee, the pitchers built a platform for victory with good pitches.” 

He added, “In the other lineup, Seo Ho-cheol’s additional RBI in the second inning and Kim Han-byeol’s RBI in the fourth inning played a decisive role.”  안전놀이터

Lastly, he said, “I want to tell the players who worked hard during the week that they worked hard. I will prepare well to show the fans a good game next week.”

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