Fall alone in DESK… “Now I’m just a player who causes controversy.”

The news of the goal is not heard, only causing controversy. Dele Alli (Beşiktaş) has completely collapsed.

Ali sparked the laughing gas controversy. The British media ‘Daily Mail’ said, “The scene where Ali inhaled laughing gas, which is called hippie crack, was captured. Fans’ disappointment increased.” In the photo, Ali is sitting at a table littered with bottles and cigarettes, holding a nitrogen dioxide balloon in her mouth.

The date of this photo is not clear. However, these days Ali is unable to focus on football, so fans criticize him considerably. Public opinion cannot be favorable because Ali had many criminal records. Moreover, Ali was injured at Besiktas and temporarily returned to Everton, his original team, so it is time to pay more attention to his body care.

It is still unclear whether Ali will make a comeback. Ali, who once played for Tottenham Hotspur and built a DESK line with Son Heung-min, Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen, 스포츠토토 is now alone away from the top level. He moved to Everton and looked for a chance to revive, but failed.

As the fall accelerates, Ali’s gaze is cold. Spanish media ‘Mundo Deportivo’ also reported the laughing gas controversy and said, “Is it Ali’s last party? Ali is now a player who is reported more in relation to delinquency and disgrace.” . It’s just promising for controversial productions,” nailing the impression of revelry.

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