Even if you win, ‘Attack forward’… Director Lee Young-min “The Way to Repay Home Fans”

Bucheon FC beat Jeonnam Dragons 5-2. In the second half of the 2-2 match, he scored 3 goals, but even after winning the game, he was applauded by fans for consistently focusing on attack instead of stability. Bucheon coach Lee Young-min said, “The way to repay the home fans is to keep doing our best until the referee whistle blows.”

In the Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 round 12 home game against Jeonnam held at Bucheon Sports Complex on the 7th, Bucheon trailed 1-2 and scored 4 goals, winning 5-2 come-from-behind. Recently, they have continued their 3-game winning streak and raised their ranking to 5th in the league.

In particular, it was impressive to overwhelm the opponent with aggressive soccer in the second half when the fierce flow continued. On this day, Bucheon took the lead with Carril’s opening goal in the 8th minute of the first half, but Valdivia and Lee Jun-ho conceded consecutive goals and allowed a turnaround. After that, Choi Jae-young’s equalizer ended the first half with the score 2-2.

In the second half, Bucheon launched an offensive to turn the game around again. The atmosphere changed with Lee Jung-bin’s replacement. In the end, Nilsson Jr.’s come-from-behind goal in the 32nd minute of the second half, Lee Jung-bin’s 50m long-range goal from the center circle 3 minutes later, and Park Ho-min’s key goal in the 43rd minute of the second half added to a 5-2 victory. 

Bucheon overwhelms Jeonnam with a 9-2 lead in the number of shots in the second half. In particular, even after winning the game at the end of the second half, they put more weight on offense than on defending and maintaining the lead. Jeonnam’s will to pursue was also broken by Bucheon’s attack.

Manager Lee Young-min said, “The players worked hard and did well. I want to say thank you. I think I scored a lot thanks to the tactical implementation,” he said. 먹튀검증 “Thank you to the players who ran for victory. He thinks the win rate at home is not bad as he plays hard at home. Rather than being happy with a big victory, I feel joy in the way the players played hard,” he said.

He picked ‘home fans’ as the background for continuing to attack in the second half. On this day, 2,610 spectators visited the stadium. Coach Lee said, “Even if we lose a game at home, we have to do our best until the end. Even if we are winning, the way to repay the fans is to do our best until the referee whistle blows,” he explained, “even if I don’t say anything, the players will know.”

Regarding Lee Jeong-bin, who was put in as a substitute in the second half of the day and played a big role with 1 goal and 2 assists, applause was given, saying, “He showed his ability properly.” Coach Lee said, “I recently joined because I had an injury in the winter, and it was a situation where I hadn’t been given a chance in the meantime.” I think the performance shown in today’s game will be a plus for our team in the future.”

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