Even if you lose, you don’t seem to lose, Samsung’s winning mentality grows 

Even if you lose, you don’t feel like losing. Samsung has emerged as a master of reversal in the Okinawa League. 

Samsung fell into a pit of six consecutive losses in practice matches after the match against the Nippon Ham Fighters on the 9th of last month, and a dark shadow seemed to be cast. Samsung, which reported its first win against the Yomiuri Giants on the 4th, beat the KIA Tigers on the 5th and SSG Landers on the 6th. 3 consecutive wins after 6 losses. In all three games, they produced thrilling come-from-behind dramas, raising the team atmosphere to the fullest. 

It was the same in the final warm-up match against Hanwha in the Okinawa League on the 8th at Kochi Stadium. It was drawn 0-3, but it ended in a 3-3 draw. 

Hanwha first scored two points in the 3rd inning with Roh Si-hwan’s left fielder sacrificing fly and Kim In-hwan’s 1 RBI with the bases loaded with one out. In the 4th inning, Park Jung-hyun, with 2 out and 1st base, hit a double that went over the left fielder’s height and ran away with 1 more run. 

Samsung, trailing 0-3, attacked in the top of the 5th inning. Kang Han-wool, who started as the lead batter, opened the door with a double. Kim Heon-gon struck out, but Kim Jae-seong hit a hit that fell in front of the center fielder. 1 company 1st, 3rd base. Lee Seong-gyu took the opportunity to reach base with a ball that fit his body.  먹튀검증

The atmosphere almost subsided as Kim Jae-sang struck out on a swing in a chance with a base full. With the bases loaded with two outs, leadoff Kim Hyeon-joon stepped into the plate and chose a push-off walk with an excellent starting pitch. In the ensuing chance with bases loaded, Lee Jae-hyun hit a timely hit and brought two home. 3-3. 

Samsung’s gyetujin, who returned the match to the starting point, sealed the Hanwha batting line with no runs. Although they failed to add a multiplier, it was a game that confirmed Samsung’s potential. 

Samsung, which was classified as a lower rank because there was no power reinforcement element to do this. Director Park Jin-man said that there are positive elements unlike what you see from the outside. 

“There are definitely parts that are not visible from the outside. There are certain parts that are evaluated as positive factors from the inside. We are preparing positively and well. It will be an opportunity to work hard.” 

Wouldn’t it be possible to completely overturn public evaluation if the image he showed in the 4 games after the match against Yomiuri?

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