‘Edgar’s son’ Altul, after the Mungyeong Tournament, gave a loving ‘carnation gift’ to his mother Aline

Edgar of Daegu FC, a forward representing the K-League 1. His son, Altul, currently plays for the youth club Daegu Lee Hyeong-sang FC. On this day, Altul conveyed his feelings to his mother, Aline, on the occasion of Parents’ Day.

On the 8th, the 2023 Mungyeong Football Festa was finished at the Mungyeong Civic Stadium in Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do. In the U-12 division, Haeoreum FC won the championship, and in the U-10 division, Cheongju FCK took the top spot. In addition, U-12’s FC Potential and U-10’s Daegu Lee Hyeong-sang FC advanced to the finals and competed for the championship until the end.Edgar visited Mungyeong on the 7th to personally watch his son Altul play. Edgar was confident in Altul’s potential, saying, “One day, my son will play for Daegu FC.” On the 8th, Altul also fought at the forefront of Daegu Lee Hyeong-sang FC. The opponent, Cheongju FCK, was so strong that it was not possible to create a threatening scene, but it showed a skillful move unique to the Brazilian, such as attempting a bold play to pass the ball over his head. Lee Hyung-sang Daegu FC manager Lee Hyung-sang also highly valued Altul’s prospects. 토토사이트

Edgar had Daegu FC’s training on the 8th, so he could not see Altul’s final match. On the scene, his mother Aline was with Altul. Aline watched Altul run on the ground and cheered more passionately than anyone else. He was to the point of transcending the voices of all the mothers on site. She boomed as much as she did. 

After the Mungyeong Football Festa, an event was held in which players delivered carnations containing love to their respective mothers. Altul represented Daegu Lee Hyeong-sang FC and presented carnations to his mother on Mother’s Day. Aline hugged Altul tightly with an expression of happiness in the world. The Mungyeong Football Festa was warmer thanks to the smiles of Altul and Aline.

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