Did you forget Ha Joo-seok and Song Seong-moon… the only place for the swing to be is the ball

Daejeon Hanwha Eagles-Lotte Giants match on June 16 last year. Ha Joo-seok, a Hanwha batter and captain, was indignant at the ball judgment after swinging wrong in the bottom of the 8th inning and hit the bat. 

In the process, the helmet came off the wall and hit coach Wes Clements in the back of the head. When a teammate is harmed by a player’s anger. Four days later, Joo-seok Ha received a suspension of 10 games from the KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) Award and Punishment Committee, a penalty of 3 million won, and 40 hours of youth baseball volunteer work. 

A similar scene came out at the LG Twins-KIA Tigers game in Jamsil on the 29th. At the end of the 3rd inning when LG was losing 0-4, LG captain Oh Ji-hwan, who took the second at-bat, expressed his dissatisfaction with the ball judgment and showed a fierce appearance.

When KIA starting pitcher Sean Anderson’s 2nd high body (based on left-handed hitter) four-seam fastball (fastball) was judged to be a strike, he appealed to the referee, and after striking out with Anderson’s 3rd pitch slider, he hit the bat to the ground and shattered it. Excited. When the bat didn’t break with one hand, he grabbed it with both hands and hit it again, throwing the handle left over from the broken head. KIA catcher Han Seung-taek looked at this as if it were absurd. 

First of all, it is questionable whether the ball judgment itself was that much of a problem. Oh Ji-hwan tilted his head at the outside ball in the first inning. 2 balls Wouldn’t it be a reasonable guess to assume that complaints about umpire Ham Ji-woong, who was behind the home plate on this day, had accumulated from before. 

The background doesn’t matter. The act of hitting the bat three times should not buy sympathy. The same goes for LG fans. He hit the bat as if he had a grudge. Is it okay if the swing direction is the ground? 

The problem would have been worse if fragments of the broken bat had flown and hit someone. There is an umpire near the home plate, an opponent catcher, and a person who manages the bat or ball. 

On this day, the bat was also fragmented in the match between Suwon KT Wiz and Samsung Lions. KT’s flagship hitter Park Byung-ho broke the bat with his thigh after striking out on a swing at the end of the 3rd inning. Park Byeong-ho also showed a disbelief when pitcher Won Tae-in’s low-course slider, which came in with a 3-ball-1 strike, was judged to be a strike. It could have been self-blame towards oneself, but the fire was also transmitted.  스포츠토토

The problem is that this behavior can hurt someone. You can be yourself. Early this season, Kiwoom Heroes infielder Song Seong-moon suffered a 10-week diagnosis after injuring his right hand while venting his anger after a defensive error. 

Field leaders or some baseball players cover the scene of a player breaking and breaking something as fighting spirit. Opinions will be divided even among baseball fans. Some see Oh Ji-hwan’s actions as a legitimate appeal. 

It’s an action that doesn’t do any good. Why do baseball fans have to see other people’s resentment and why should they feel displeased? It’s different from the stress you feel from the players and teams you cheer for. The voice defending that the act is intended to convey a message for team unity is absurd. Imagine if someone in your organization did that. Are you right to understand that? 

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