Diaz season-out sparked WBC futility, will players agree to abolish it?

Two players have already been injured. One of them was seasoned out before the season even started.

Controversy over whether or not the World Baseball Classic (WBC) should continue is rising. Puerto Rico’s Edwin Diaz has been ruled out for the season.

Diaz injured his right knee while celebrating with his teammates after posting a save with 3 strikeouts in 1 inning against the Dominican Republic on the 16th (Korean time). His patellar tendon ruptured and he underwent surgery on the 17th. Foreign media reported that she was injured while jumping and jumping because she was so happy to advance to the second round by defeating the championship candidate Dominican Republic.

Canadian first baseman Freddie Freeman suffered a hamstring injury while running to first base after hitting, and was recalled to the LA Dodgers camp, and Brooks Reilly, who played an active part in the KBO league as a pitcher for the US national team, pitched in the bullpen ahead of the opening of the tournament. He withdrew from participation due to a hamstring injury. It was belatedly known that Korea’s Woo-seok Koh also suffered a shoulder injury and was unable to pitch in the WBC.

The argument that the WBC should be abolished is rising among major league clubs. The New York Mets, who signed a free agent contract with Diaz for five years and $102 million ahead of the WBC, are not alone in their losses. This year’s annual salary of 19.65 million dollars is compensated by the insurance company, but he has to think about the finishing position again.

The Dodgers quickly brought Freeman to the camp, concerned about aggravating his injury. Canadian coach Ernie Whitt said the Dodgers decided to leave Freeman.

In the midst of this, USA Today argued on the 17th that the WBC should continue in an article titled, “The players love it, the major league clubs hate it, but the WBC will not close due to injury.”

Reporter Bob Nightingale, who wrote the article, asked, ‘Is it time to abolish the WBC so it can never be held again? I’m sorry, but it’s not. “Tell Mike Trout and Mookie Betts that the WBC is a waste of time,” he said. Most of the wrestlers competing in the WBC are seriously enjoying it.

Next, Nightingale said, “If Manny Machado honestly doesn’t know which of the Dominican Republic’s WBC title and San Diego’s World Series title is more meaningful, then mock him.” ‘Tell all the die-hard fans everywhere outside of the US that the WBC is nothing more than an exhibition match.’ It means that players and fans like it. 스포츠토토

Trout said on this day, “It’s the most fun experience. It’s very exciting to represent my country throughout my baseball life.” I would like to invite you to play with us on behalf of the group because it is fun.”

Speaking about the risk of injury, Trout said, “Obviously there are concerns about injuries. You still have to play baseball, it’s still spring training. For me, being a part of this atmosphere is special and means a lot.” I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t know it would be this much fun.”

Betts responded cynically to the theory of abolishing the WBC, saying, “Injury can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. And you can always call the WBC responsible, but Diaz’s injury is just a rare accident.”

“We’re going to see players jumping up and down, jumping over railings and celebrating like Diaz, from Opening Day to the end of the season,” Nightingale said. Occurs. You get hurt while lying in bed getting a tan, getting a massage, watering the garden, washing the dishes, and being chased by a wild boar. It’s the same at the WBC,’ he defended the WBC.

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