Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon “You wouldn’t have expected an away win in Gwangju without Sed, but we believed it.” #Pride of Daegu #Se Jin-ya

“We have the strength to hold on when it’s hard. Not many experts thought we would win the Gwangju expedition.”

Daegu FC coach Choi Won-kwon conveyed his trust and gratitude to the players who achieved the best result despite difficulties after winning a thrilling 2-0 victory in the Gwangju expedition on the 13th.

Daegu won the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Gwangju expedition on the 13th at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium, 2-0 thanks to Park Se-jin’s opening goal in the 19th minute of the second half and Ko Jae-hyun’s key goal in the 33rd minute of the second half. On the 16th of last month, in the 7th round, ‘Daepak’, he took revenge for the pain of losing 3-4 even after catching up with a score of 0-3 to 3-3.

In a crisis where key players such as Sejingya, Edgar, Keita, and Hong Jeong-woon were missing due to injuries, coach Choi made a starting list of only 11 native players, including ‘veteran’ Lee Geun-ho, Hong Cheol, and ‘Young Gun’ Ko Jae-hyeon, Hwang Jae-won, and Park Se-jin. Of the 18 players on the roster that day, 6 were born in the 2000s, including Lee Jin-yong, Hwang Jae-won, Kim Young-joon, Park Se-jin (selected above), Seo Do-hyup, and Lee Won-woo, and five U-22 players were Hwang Jae-won, Park Se-jin, Lee Jin-yong, Seo Do-hyeop, and Lee Won-woo. . Veterans such as Lee Geun-ho (born 1985), Hong Cheol (born 1990), and Kim Jin-hyeok (born 1993) took center stage. Director Choi looked back and said, “I considered communication and organizational skills in defending Gwangju in the first half. There were difficulties in the first half, but after enduring, I gained strength.” In the first half, we were blocked by Gwangju’s offensive and couldn’t record a single shot, but after enduring well, the opportunity came.

The atmosphere changed in the second half. The harmony between the veteran and the young gun was dazzling. Fighting spirit Lee Keun-ho put pressure on the Gwangju defense with reckless moves, and Hong-cheol fired sharp crosses and passes from the side. Defenders such as Kim Jin-hyeok, Kim Gang-san, and Lee Jin-yong went on the defensive, while Ko Jae-hyeon, Hwang Jae-won, and Park Se-jin diligently moved back and forth between the midfield and the front line, fiercely confronting each other. Basellus, introduced in the second half, energized the side attack and the flow revived. Park Se-jin and Ko Jae-hyun scored consecutive goals. Park Se-jin, born in 2004, scored his league debut goal, and Lee Jin-yong, born in 2001, assisted Ko Jae-hyeon’s goal and recorded his first professional attack point.

Coach Choi gave meaning to the reversal victory 안전놀이터 achieved with the strength of the original team, saying, “There probably weren’t many experts who thought we would win the Gwangju expedition after looking at our roster.” “But we believed that we would win and prepared. We emphasized that part to the players as well. Our players who proved that are amazing,” he expressed his gratitude. “I was thinking about the selection over Baselus and Lee Keun-ho, and I selected (Lee) Keun-ho as the starter considering the overall balance, organized defense, decisiveness, and chemistry with Hong Chul. As everyone knows, Keun-ho spares no stamina and plays everything He is a player who pours out everything. After that, the flow came over with Baselus.”

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