Completely pushed by Trey Turner… Sosa during CF training at camp

Last year’s runner-up, the Philadelphia Phillies, succeeded in retaining Trey Turner, who was considered one of the big four shortstops, this offseason. As a result, Bryson Stadt, who previously held shortstop, went to second base, and Edmundo Sosa seems to have challenged other positions.

Reporter Scott Rauber of the ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’ said on the 21st (Korean time), “Sosa is working hard to learn center field defense at this camp. If he sees potential during spring training, he will play center field.”

Sosa’s main position is shortstop, and he is an infielder who plays second and third base. 슬롯사이트 Of course, he has a record for center field appearances, but that is 0.1 innings.

But with shortstop Turner joining the team, second baseman Stad and third baseman Alec Bom took over, Sosa was relegated to backup. Also, since veteran infielder Josh Harrison can also be used as an all-weather infielder, it seems that they are planning to send young Sosa to the outfield.

Currently, Philadelphia’s outfield consists of Kyle Schwaber, Brandon Marsh and Nick Castellanos. With Bryce Harper undergoing surgery, it is difficult to make a quick comeback, and the outfield defense is very weak. Also, there is no clear backup outfielder other than Jake Cave.

So, if Sosa’s outfield training is well done, it seems to be of great help to manager Rob Thompson’s choice. Fans seem to be responding that it is not a bad choice, remembering that Odubel Herrera, who played second baseman and shortstop in the past, turned to outfield.

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