Coach Jeong-nam Kim who was happy in the K-League – the late Chairman Tae-Jun Park, who drew the future of the K-League, inducted into the K-League Hall of Fame as a ‘Leader’-‘Contributor’

K-League 40 years, the main players are the players, but there are people to pay attention to as well. are leaders and administrators.

In order to honor the achievements of not only the players but also the leaders and officials who have made remarkable achievements, the Korea Professional Football Federation divides them into three categories: ‘STARS’, ‘LEADERS’, and ‘HONORS’ and ‘K-League Honor’ of the ‘Hall’. In the leadership category, people who made great achievements as coaches and contributors were selected from among those who contributed to the development of the K-League in various fields such as administration, industry, and media in addition to players and leaders.

The first inductee in the leadership category was Kim Jeong-nam, former manager of Ulsan Hyundai. Coach Kim, who led Yugong and Ulsan, took the top spot in the league twice. He recorded 210 wins, 168 draws and 159 losses in his K-League career as a manager. Ulsan Hyundai U-18 coach Hyun Young-min, who came to the podium to recommend coach Kim, praised him, saying, “After taking my first steps as a leader, I feel the patience and broad mind of coach Kim Jeong-nam.” On this day, director Kim was unable to attend due to health reasons, so his grandson, Mr. Kim Min-seok, won the award on behalf of him. Through the reading, Mr. Kim said, “I was very surprised to be selected as the inductee. I apologize to the leaders who were with me to see if it was right for me to receive such a big award. I was happy as a K-League leader. A moment with the players, loud cheers from fans, countless Both home and away games are precious memories. I want to express my gratitude to the players, club officials, and fans who have been with me regardless of win or loss. Thank you, thank you again.”

The late POSCO Honorary Chairman Park Tae-joon was named in the K-League Hall of Fame and Contributor category. Chairman Park founded the Pohang Jecheol Football Team (now Pohang Steelers) in 1973, built Pohang Steel Yard, the first soccer-only stadium in Korea in 1990, built Gwangyang soccer-only stadium in 1992, founded Jeonnam Dragons in 1994, built the first professional soccer clubhouse, and established a youth system. It has made significant contributions to both qualitative and quantitative growth.

Suwon FC general manager Choi Soon-ho, who was selected as the first-generation legend in the player category, took the stage for Chairman Park’s recommendation. Director Choi showed off his special affection for Chairman Park to the extent that he often praised Chairman Park’s achievements and visited the National Cemetery where he was enshrined. Director Choi said, “I feel better than receiving the award myself for the position recommending President Park. I can’t forget the first meeting.” Director Choi was choking with tears as he recalled Chairman Park. Director Choi said, “Chairman Park has been with Korean football for many firsts. He is a person who knew what was right for Korean football and acted, and he had an insight. 스포츠토토 Korean football will develop step by step in the system created by the president. could,” he said. Chairman Park’s son, Park Seong-bin, took over as proxy. He said, “It’s been 12 years since my father left. He really liked soccer. He kicked the ball together as a child, went to the World Cup with his grandchildren, and made memories for his family to cherish for a lifetime. For 90 minutes, he cheered for his team and his family. I wonder if the future of the K-League envisioned by my father would be for the whole to fully immerse themselves and recover their passion for living in the world, or to shed sweat while playing early football. He said, “If the progress of the K-League becomes closer to our daily lives and we can feel the value of sports, Korean soccer will develop further.”

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