Want to beat casinos at slots and win every time? Too bad you’re in the wrong century. In the last centuries, between the 1960s and 1990s, some people had grasped the art of cheating slot machines so well that casinos had to invent hack-proof systems.

In the cheating age of slots, you could use anything from fake coins to magnets, light wands to piano wires to beat the house. Nowadays, cheating at slots is a pipe dream.

The technology used at online casinos is unmatched. You can’t use fake coins and other manual systems people used to trick slots in Las Vegas with decades ago. Instead, your best 스포츠토토 bet at beating online slots is to use legal tips to increase your odds of winning. Here are some of them.

Play Top-RTP Slots
Although all slots are games of luck, some of them give you a better chance of winning than others. How often a machine pays out is determined by its Return to Player (RTP) algorithm. The best online slots have RTPs of above 95%.

There are lot of exciting online slots with RTPs of between 90% and 95%. Should you play them? The short answer is that it depends. If you want to test your luck at a jackpot game known to payout millions of dollars, you can play it even though it might not have the best RTP.

That said, stick to top-RTP slots when you play pokies. Many casinos have tons of games with RTPs above 95%, with the best machines paying out at 99% RTPs. Look for these games. Read reviews about some of them and play the best-rated games. We’ll explain the reasons shortly.

Learn About Game Variance
Game variance is one of the many features that differentiate slots, even those with similar RTP rates. Also known as volatility, game variance shows the frequency by which a game pays out. It also provides an idea of whether a machine pays out in small, medium or generous amounts.

Low Variance slots: These games payout often but usually in small amounts. As a result, your odds of winning are high but you don’t win a lot of money. Examples of low volatility online slots include Mega Joker (99% RTP), 1429 Uncharted Seas (98.5% RTP) and Jack Hammer 2 (97.99% RTP).
Medium Variance Slots: These games payout decent amount of money but not as often as low variance games. In other words, they give you moderate odds of winning but you walk away with better payouts than you would get from a low variance machine. Most online slots fall into this category, from Gonzo’s Quest (96% RTP) to Book of Dead (96% RTP).
High Variance Slots: These slots payout incredible sums of money. But they have some long periods of dry spells. Examples of high variance slots include all Megaways slots, progressive jackpots and videoslots like Immortal Romance and Dead or Alive.
Maximize Your Bets
There was a time when betting at penny slots was considered cool. People would wager cents on these games to have fun without losing so much money. Today, you can still wager cents at many online slots. But it’s not advisable, at least if you want to win often.

The problem with betting cents is that that they don’t lead to big losses, but neither to a lot of profits. You can wager €1 for ten spins and win €5. But of what good is it if you end up losing €20 after an hour? A better way to increase your odds of winning is to maximize your wagers.

If you have €20 to spend, consider betting ten spins of €2 each rather than twenty €1 spins. If you win even once for a game with 10x multiplier, your €2 bets will help you break even. Unfortunately, your €1 wagers will lead to a loss.

Essentially, minimizing your stakes gives you more playing time but doesn’t improve your prospects of making profits. But since your goal is to beat slots, maximize your wagers and increase your potential profits.

Play Top Rated Slots
As we mentioned, look beyond the payout rates and game variance. Read reviews to discover what experts and fellow players think about a game. Many slot players share the same interest. They want to learn how to beat slots. And they will often exchange ideas and experiences to enlighten others on the best games to play (forums are usually the most reliable places).

Against that backdrop, look for top-RTP slots with genuine online reviews. Importantly, read the reviews thoroughly to understand the strengths and weaknesses of various games. What do people say about a game’s graphics? How often do winning symbols appear?

If players praise a slot for paying out often, then that’s a game you want to play. But if they are ecstatic about its beautiful graphics and intriguing theme and not its payout rate, then you don’t have to play it. The goal is to beat the house, not to lose money on beautiful games, so always catch for the most profitable slots.

Use Bonuses Carefully
Bonuses are great but only if they feature reasonable terms and conditions. Free spins can help cushion your losses because you don’t have to spend your cash balance. They can also help magnify your profits because they give you more chances to play slots for real money.

But as mentioned, the terms and conditions that come with bonuses determine whether they’re good or not. To expound more, many casinos have wagering requirements—an amount of money you must spend before you withdraw your bonus winnings.

The amounts are calculated by multiplying your bonus amount by a specific number of times—say 10x to 40X. If the number is low, then the bonus gives you a fair chance of winning. And in that case, you can claim it. If the bonus wager requirements are high, though, then the bonus might not be of much use.

The best casinos give out bonuses with fair policies regularly. So, don’t give up in your quest to find free spins that could help you beat slots.