Brion, Jenji Wanpa (Overall)

OK Savings Bank Brion ended the regular season on a high note, pulling off a surprise upset over Genji Esports (Genji), who were looking to reclaim the top spot 메이저사이트.

Brion defeated Genji 2-0 in straight sets on Day 4 of Week 9 of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Friday.

In the bottom lane of the first game, Genji took the first dragon with two kills and Brion with three kills, but after summoning a messenger to the mid lane and grabbing Jace, Brion conceded the second dragon, but took the second messenger and summoned it back to the mid lane. In the skirmish for the third dragon, Brion took down a Nautilus to get his first stack, and he picked up another kill in the bottom zone, while also deflecting his opponent’s attacks in the center zone.

While Genji hunted the dragon, Brion entered the top lane and took down the inhibitor, then added two more kills in the chase after taking out a Xanthe in the jungle behind the Baron’s nest. After pushing into the opponent’s lane and pushing back the Genji troops with her strength, Brion took down the Nexus to secure the first set point.

In the second game, Brion took the lead after Lilia intervened in the top lane and hunted down the first dragon unopposed, and Genji tried to fight back with a messenger after getting a kill, but Brion proved to be too much for Genji in the mid game. After a dominant central zone skirmish, Brion took the second dragon stack and Genji took down Renekton to take down the first central tower, but a third dragon brought the game back in his favor.

A Cogmo behind the Baron’s nest allowed Genji to head to the Baron, but a quadra kill from Lilia in the ensuing engagement allowed Brion, who had an Ace, to wrap the Baron buff around him and add a kill in the jungle on Genji’s side along with a third stack of dragons. After rallying in the mid lane and taking down the second tower, Brion moved to the jungle side and fended off Zenji’s laner to counterattack with three kills, and the rematch in front of the Baron’s nest was no different, with Brion racking up four kills to move into the main lane and end the game.

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