“Better than Bellingham”… Liverpool ‘second Pogba’ contact

Borussia Dortmund set a minimum transfer fee of 120 million pounds (approximately 197.7 billion won) for ‘Ace’ Jude Bellingham, and Liverpool withdrew from the scouting match, Ryan Gravenberg (20, 20, Bayern Munich), and are accelerating the reinforcement of the midfield.

Gravernberg, the central midfielder of the Dutch national team, is from Ajax youth and has a good knowledge of aerial combat using elaborate passes, mid-range shots, and tall (190 cm) height. He has a talent for holding the ball and releasing pressure with his elegant dribbling even in a small space. He made his professional debut at Ajax in 2019, and was highly anticipated at the time to be evaluated by the next Paul Pogba (30, Juventus).

After playing 18 Bundesliga matches and 6 European Football Federation Champions League matches this season, he has firmly established himself as a member of the Munich rotation at the age of contract. Summarizing British media reports such as The Times and the Mirror, Liverpool had a meeting with the Hravenber agent, and the player also revealed to the Reds board that he was ‘willing to leave Munich’. It is known that the current agent and Hravenberch’s father are proposing to quickly set up a negotiating table, urging talks between the two clubs.

Reporter Florian Plettenberg of ‘Sky Sports Germany’, who is familiar with Munich news, said, “Not only Liverpool but also Arsenal are paying attention to Gravenberch this summer.” 카지노사이트

Originally classified as ‘Bellingham Plan B’, there is a different perspective. Rafael van der Parterth (40, Netherlands), who is a senior at Ajax in Gravenberch and experienced several leagues such as the Bundesliga, EPL, and La Liga as a player, is a representative example. He said, “If you look at talent alone, you are one level higher than Bellingham,” and is steadily raising juniors in the national football world.

In an interview with Timtalk, a British media outlet, on the 20th (Korean time), Van der Vaart said, “I don’t think many people will agree, but I think Gravenberg is better than Bellingham. I’m serious. The only difference between the two is in the choice of the club.” Explained.

Unlike Gravenberg, who chose Munich, a top club in Europe, and couldn’t play as a starter, Bellingham wore a relatively ‘playable’ Dortmund uniform in 2020, saying that there was only a gap in awareness between the two.

“In terms of talent alone, it’s much better than Bellingham, but Bellingham plays every week and Gravenberg doesn’t, so there’s just little opportunity to show it. I want to. People have a very negative view of the sub-top clubs in Europe. They are much better clubs.”

“A player has to go through an intermediate step to show how good he is. Munich is a club that is difficult to see as an intermediate step. He emphasized that he is a midfielder who can show much better performance than he looks like.”

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