Arirang ball… Happenings created by technology and regulations

Jack Greinke (40‧ Kansas City), who debuted in the major leagues in 2004 and won 223 wins in 19 major league seasons until last year, is evaluated as a pitcher who can enter the Hall of Fame later. In his youth, he had a strong pitch, but in the latter part of his career, when his physical ability was deteriorating, he enjoyed a long period of heyday with elaborate control and game management that caught batters off guard.

One of Greinkey’s representative images is ‘EPUSBALL’. It refers to a ball that flies slowly with a large parabola, and Greinke is good at stealing the timing of batters by throwing a ball at 90 miles per hour and occasionally mixing it with a ball at 60 miles per hour. However, on the 15th (Korean time), such Greinke may have renewed his lowest restraint. There was an unavoidable reason.

Greinke, who started against Cincinnati on the 15th, faced Freli with no runners after two outs in the first inning with a score of 0-0. Greinke, who was hesitant about something in the count of 1B-1S, threw the ball lightly, and this ball came out 47 miles (about 75 km). The ball flew powerlessly and hit the bottom far out of the strike zone. Freli also gave up the blow as if he was dumbfounded.

It was not my intention to fool the opponent. Even though he’s a grin key who can play the epyu ball well, he’s not idle enough to throw a 47 mph ball. The reason was a combination of advanced technology and new regulations.

Major League Baseball recently introduced pitchcom. To prevent sign stealing and reduce the time to exchange signs, it is assisted by an electronic machine. Greinke hesitated as he waited for the catcher’s sign. Pitchcom did not work normally. Sometimes there are some cases where Pitchcom does not work properly when there is interference with nearby radio waves.

Greinke tapped his thigh when the sign didn’t come in and urged him to send a sign, but the machine, which had been inoperative for a while, did not work right away. So, he prepared for the ball and threw it, and this ball hit 47 miles. 메이저사이트

There was a reason for this too. Major League Baseball introduced a new pitch clock system this year. After receiving the ball from the catcher, the pitcher must complete the pitch within 15 seconds when there are no runners and 20 seconds when there are runners. If violated, a ball is automatically declared. If you waited for the pitchcom to work, it was a ball anyway. That’s why he chose to throw the ball even for 47 miles.

Greinke, who signed another one-year contract with Kansas City this year, could possibly retire at the end of this season, and if so, Pitch Clark could end up with just one year of experience late in his career. In any case, as an example showing that Pitchcom’s errors may be related to the pitch clock, the preparations of each club are expected to be thorough.

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