Aachen Kim, in the stands for the remaining Pepper 3 games… Are you looking for an FA recruitment target?

Coach Aachen Kim, who will lead the professional volleyball women’s Pepper Savings Bank, will watch the remaining regular league games from the stands. While coach Aachen Kim is watching Pepper players, it is expected that he will keep an eye on players from other teams who will be released as free agents (FA).

Pepper Savings Bank has three regular league games left. Pepper will finish the 2022-2023 season with GS Caltex on the 9th, Korea Expressway Corporation on the 14th, and IBK Industrial Bank on the 18th. This is because the bottom of the league has been confirmed early and cannot advance to spring volleyball.

New Aachen coach Kim, who arrived in Korea on the 5th, visited the Suwon Gymnasium that day to watch the match against Hyundai E&C. After the game, he briefly revealed his impressions of watching the game and even revealed his will to strengthen his team’s strength.

Coach Aachen Kim, who took a break on the 6th to adjust to the time difference, has not yet had an official meeting with the Pepper team. Given that he is still in the season, he only greeted the squad lightly. Accordingly, acting head coach Lee Kyung-soo plans to finish this season without the involvement of head coach Aachen Kim.

Still, coach Aachen Kim moves with the team. It is reported that he plans to sit in the stands and watch the games at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 9th, Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on the 14th, and Hwaseong Indoor Gymnasium on the 18th.

Naturally, Aachen Kim is expected to evaluate the players facing Pepper. Pepper is pushing for a free agent signing to strengthen his power ahead of next year’s season. As a result, the remaining three games can be an opportunity for coach Aachen Kim to check the players of the opposing team who will be released as free agents. 원벳원 토토

After the championship game next month, the list of players who have officially qualified for free agency will be announced. After the announcement, each club can contact the players to hear their intention to recruit them.

Players expected to obtain FA qualification include Yeon-Kyung Kim, Yeon-Joo Hwang, Dae-Young Jeong, Song-I Han, Soo-Ji Kim, You-Na Bae, Yeon-Gyeon Kim, Hee-Jin Kim, Min-Kyung Hwang, Jung-Ah Park, Jung-Won Moon, Sae-Yan Jeon, Hye-Seon Yeom, and Seon-A Chae. Pepper Lee Han-bi is also released as a free agent.

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