‘The tuna is gone. You are the future’ Beom-soo-Hyo-sang, ‘Infinite challenge for the hostess of the champ’

‘We are responsible for the champ’s living room’ KIA Tigers Shin Beom-soo and Joo Hyo-sang practiced defense together. In KIA, Park Dong-won, who kept the home until last year, left for LG with an FA contract. KIA, where the number 1 catcher has disappeared, is guarding the Champions Field following Han Seung-taek. After that, Shin Beom-soo and […]

Hwang In-beom, Klins Man-ho, who has stronger offensive command, is reserved for ‘midfield commander’

Hwang In-beom (27, Olympiacos FC), midfielder of the Korean men’s national soccer team, has definitely received the attention of coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Having shown strength in passing through a wide range of activities and attacking paths under the full-time manager Paulo Bento, he is expected to play a key role in the midfield in the newly […]

When will we be able to see ‘KBO’s all-time best Fire Buller selection Dong-ju Moon-Seo-Hyun Kim finish’, which will be the turning point of the eagle’s emergency?

The 2020 season was literally the worst year that did not match the image of an ‘eagle soaring high into the sky’. This is because it left the worst performance except for the first year in 1986, when it participated as the 7th team of the KBO League. With 46 wins, 95 losses, 3 draws, and […]

‘Jo Won-hee’s team + remaining king’ Wigan happened… 4th Delayed payment of wages → refusal of training ‘Road to downfall’

Wigan Athletic, which once had a reputation as the ‘remaining king’ in the English Premier League (EPL), is repeating an endless decline. As of the 38th round of the English Championship (Part 2) in the 2022-2023 season, Wigan is at the bottom of the 24 teams with only 7 wins. With 8 games left, the gap […]