2023 Foreign player contract total $ 31.944 million – average $ 1.06 million per person, will grades be in order of annual salary?

In preparation for the 2023 season, with the start of overseas spring camps for 10 professional baseball teams, the last puzzle of foreign players has also been completed.

On the 31st of last month, NC Dinos, the only unfinished player, acquired Taylor Widener, a right-handed pitcher from the Arizona Diamondbacks in Major League Baseball, for a total of $743,000.

There are a total of 15 foreign players, 9 pitchers and 6 fielders, making their debut in the KBO league. exactly half

SSG Landers and NC, who won the combined championship last year, are all new faces, KIA Tigers, Doosan Bears, and Hanwha Eagles have two each, and Kiwoom Heroes, LG Twins, and kt Wiz each have one new face. On the other hand, the Samsung Lions and Lotte Giants renewed their contracts without replacement.

Among them, foreign players who filled the maximum amount of 1 million dollars (including incentives) in the first year are pitchers such as Annie Romero (SSG), Ariel Furado (Kiwoom), Sean Edison (KIA), Eric Peddy (NC), and Birch Smith (Hanwha). 먹튀검증 There are 6 hitters, including Guillermo Heredia (SSG), Jason Martin (NC), and Jose Rojas (Doosan), a total of 9 people.

Also, the foreign player who knocked on the KBO door with the smallest amount is pitcher Adonis Medina, who signed a contract with KIA for $636,000 ($36,000 down payment, $300,000 annual salary, $300,000 in incentives), and Doosan pitcher Dylan File for a total of 65 He was recruited for $10,000 ($550,000 annual salary, $100,000 incentive).

In contrast, Kiwoom, who had left Yasiel Puig, recruited Edison Russell, who had been released midway through 2020, for $700,000. I accepted Alcantara again for $900,000 ($800,000 annual salary, $100,000 incentive).

The remaining 13 foreign players succeeded in renewing their contracts and all received annual salaries of over $1 million.

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