‘151km’ Seohyun Kim – Dongju Moon to Smith – Pena… Hanwha’s spring with fastballs ripening

From large rookies to foreign pitchers. The fireballers of the Hanwha Eagles raised expectations for the 2023 season from the first bullpen pitch.

On the 6th (Korean time), Kim Seo-hyun pitched his first bullpen at the Arizona spring camp in the United States. He tested his fastball, curveball, slider and changeup while throwing a total of 21 pitches. The top speed of the fastball was 151 km/h. After pitching, Kim Seo-hyun said, “Today, I threw with 70-75% power. I paid attention to balance and control. If I gave myself a score, it would be about 60-70 points.”

The 151km/h fastball thrown with 70% power is enough to make fans flutter. It is faster than foreign pitchers Birch Smith (up to 149 km per hour) and Felix Pena (up to 147 km per hour), who pitched in the bullpen on the same day as Kim Seo-hyun. Smith is a pitcher who recorded a career-high 155 km/h. Even though Pena was a fireballer who recorded the highest speed of 153km per hour last year, she did not reach the speed of Kim Seo-hyun.

Pitching coach Jose Rosado, who watched Kim Seo-hyun’s pitching, said, “Kim Seo-hyun is still a young player, so we need to wait and see more. He’s trying not to feel pressured. 스포츠토토 It is clear that he is a good player who can cause healthy competition among pitchers,” he praised cautiously.

The pitching of Smith and Pena is also hopeful. Smith said, “I think the quality and control of pitches will improve for the rest of the camp because my arms are in good condition and healthy.” He underwent joint surgery (Tommy John surgery) and missed until 2016. In 2020, he missed the season due to a forearm injury, injured his left groin in 2021, and missed last year due to finger pain and confirmed COVID-19

. It is also nice to see him pitching well as a substitute foreign player last year (3.72 ERA in 13 games), but suffered an injury to his nose after being hit by an assault ball while pitching on September 20. Pena, who finished pitching in five months, said, “I was in good overall condition, so I was in good shape.” I was able to use all pitches well as I thought, and I will try to maintain a good condition for the rest of the camp.”

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