“15 Years of Baseball, Regrets” Missing in Action→Last-Minute Boarding→Stellar Starting Transformation→How to Be Happy with 6QS+1 Wins

[Daegu=Sports Chosun Reporter Jung Hyun-seok]Kiwoom Heroes’ Chung Chan-heon, 33,메이저사이트 was the one who closed the door on the free agent market last winter.

It was only on March 27, the latest of 20 players, that he signed a two-year contract for up to 860 million won with his original team, Kiwoom. It was a crisis that almost closed the door on a 15-year baseball career.

That’s when his desperation took over.

“When I couldn’t get a contract, I was a little bit chased and frustrated, and I was thinking, ‘Oh, I’m not competitive,’ and I was thinking to myself, ‘Let’s hang in there,’ and I think I was going back and forth psychologically.”

Signing under such trying circumstances. I realized how happy I was to be on the mound when I was almost shut down.

“After I signed the contract, I thought, ‘Let’s do this without any regrets.’ I thought, ‘Let’s finish my baseball life well during the remaining contract period after 15 years of struggle.’ I don’t know if I’ll be able to sign again after the contract period, but I think this time is really a preparation process for me to finish my baseball life well and build on what I’ve felt and what I’ve done.”메이저사이트주소

Chung made his ninth appearance of the season on April 21 against the Daegu Samsungs.

It was a remarkable outing. He threw 77 pitches, the fewest pitches he’s ever thrown in a seven-inning game, allowing six hits and no runs while walking four and striking out four. Recorded his sixth quality start in nine appearances. He used a dazzling array of pitches, including a two-seam, slider, forkball, and curveball, to keep the Samsung batters off balance.

However, he did not get the win.

The Kiwoom batting lineup hasn’t scored a single run.

Six games into a quality start and only one win. Frustrating.

“It’s not frustrating at all that we didn’t get the win, but the team won, so it’s a more satisfying situation for me that I was able to help a little bit in the process of moving from the bottom of the standings to the middle of the standings, and I pitched well in the direction of the team winning. I think I have a lot more work to do to be more helpful in the future because we can go further than we are right now, and I think we need that one win more than we need the one win right now.”

He also emphasized team-first, saying, “I’m not a fastball pitcher, I’m more of a matchup pitcher, so the more I go through the batting order, the more the hitters have a chance to adjust, and I think that’s what the coaching staff was thinking.” The surprise transformation of an overlooked free agent pitcher. Thanks to Chung, Kiwoom is now solidifying its strongest starting lineup.

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