1 win 1 loss on the first day of Korean Mix Doubles… First victory in the world championships for seniors

On the first day of the ‘2023 World Mix Doubles and Senior Curling Championships’, Korea started with 1 win and 1 loss. The senior national team won the first thrilling victory in the history of the world championship.

The Korean Mixed Doubles Team (Kim Ji-yoon, Jeong Byung-jin, coach Yang Jae-bong) got off to a fresh start after being sacked by Hungary 11-5 in the first round of the Group A preliminary round held at the Gangneung Curling Center in Gangwon-do on the 22nd.

Korea, which started off as a back attack, took the lead by scoring 3 points in the 1st end, then scored 1 point in the 2nd end and 4 points in the 5th end to seize the victory early.  

Hungary regained 2 points in the 3rd end, followed up with 1 point in the 4th end and 2 points in the 6th end, but when Korea scored 3 points in the 7th end and led 11-5, they shook hands and withdrew in the 8th end. 

Korea’s coach Yang Jae-bong said, “The first game is important, so I met a relatively easy opponent and played comfortably, and the result was good.”

Kim Ji-yoon smiled broadly, saying, “I have accumulated a lot of experience, and it feels more real to be doing it in the home room, so I feel more comfortable now.”

Jung Byeong-jin said, “I’m happy with the result in the first game,” and added, “The ice condition and atmosphere are in Korea, so I feel comfortable mentally and the shot goes the way I thought, so I’m confident.”

However, in the game against Estonia held in the afternoon, Korea failed to make up for the initial loss and tried to turn around by applying for a power play in the 8th end, but rather lost 5-8 due to a 1-point steal.

The 2023 World Mixed Doubles and Senior Curling Championships will be held at the Gangneung Curling Center and Gangneung Hockey Center from April 21 to 29.

The Korean national team will feature Kim Ji-yoon and Jung Byung-jin, and the senior (men’s) team will feature a total of 7 members from Gangneung Curling Sports Club, Shin Man-ho, Cheon In-seon, Choi Jong-kyung, Ham Young-woo, and Huh Jeong-wook.

A total of 20 teams participate in the Mixed Doubles Championship, divided into two groups and played in a round robin format.

Korea is in Group A with Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, and Scotland, and Group B is Austria, England, Spain, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States. Teams compete in a round-robin fashion.

The competition will start on the 22nd (Sat) and continue until the 27th (Thu) to determine the top 3 teams from each group who will advance to the playoffs.

The 1st place in each group advances directly to the semifinals, the 2nd place in Group A plays against the 3rd place in Group B, and the 3rd place in Group A faces the 2nd place in Group B on the 28th, and the winner advances to the semifinals. 

The bronze medal match and gold medal match will be held on Saturday, April 29 at 10:00 and 14:00 respectively.

The bottom ranked team in each group will be relegated to the next season’s World Mixed Doubles Qualifier.

Teams ranked 8th and 9th in each group will also compete for relegation, with the winners becoming the last two teams to directly participate in next year’s World Mixedouble Championships, while the losers will move on to the next season’s World Mixedouble Qualifying Tournament.

Meanwhile, the ‘2023 World Senior Curling Championships’ will be held at the Gangneung Hockey Center, with 15 women’s teams and 24 men’s teams participating. 먹튀검증

Korea’s senior team (coachs Insun Cheon, Jungwook Huh, Youngwoo Ham, Manho Shin, Choi Jongkyung and Changheon Chung) got off to a fresh start with an 8-4 victory over Great Britain on the first day of the tournament.

The Korean senior national team, which was first formed ahead of the World Championships, was given 3 points in the first end and 1 more point in the 3rd end, and was overwhelmed.

However, after reorganizing the lineup, Korea recovered 1 point in the 2nd end, scored 2 points in the 4th end, 1 point in the 5th end, 1 point in the 6th end, 1 point in the 7th end, and 2 points in the 8th end. . In particular, he succeeded in stealing in the 4 ends of the second half and developed his confidence.

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